Boston College Helps with Hurricane Sandy Relief

While many are beginning the recovery process from Hurricane Sandy, the Boston College lacrosse team took some time away from practice to help those in need.
Boston College Eagles Lacrosse

Over the weekend, the Boston College Men’s Lacrosse team and coaching staff went down to Fairfield, CT to help out a teammate whose house was completely underwater after Hurricane Sandy.  We spoke with Michael Maloney to find out a little more about the clean-up.

“We took out the entire first floor of both his house and several of his neighbors, as well as cleaned up all kinds of trees that were down across the neighborhood.  Drywall, flooring, doors, casings, furniture, kitchens, you name it, it all had to go.  It was a great day for us as a team, and something that I thought might be a great story for the lacrosse community. ”

Boston College Eagles Lacrosse

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MCLA Fan: When did you guys head down and how many guys from the team made the tip to CT? How did you get to CT? Was it a tough trip?

Michael Maloney: We went down on Saturday morning. About 26 guys on the team were able to make the trip plus two coaches. We met outside the athletic center at 7:45am took 6 different cars down. Trip from BC to Fairfield, CT took about 3 hours, but was a great opportunity for some team bonding, especially getting to know the handful of new guys who have just come on this fall.

How long were you there? And what kind of things needed to be done?

We were there until about 4pm. Everything needed to be done on the first floor of both our guy’s house as well as his neighbors. We were stripping drywall, sheet rock, taking out doors, windows, moving soaked furniture, raking leaves, chopping down trees that were split, literally anything that we were asked to do, we did. Our guys made the most of the day, and worked together to accomplish something great.

Boston College Eagles Lacrosse

Were you surprised at the damage done? Had you seen anything like that before?

Growing up in MA, I personally had never seen anything like it, and I heard a similar sentiment from almost everyone on the team. Every single house had water damage, there were gigantic dumpsters out front, and just loads and loads of stuff that needed to be removed from the house. No power or hot water on the street, everything running on generators. By the time we arrived, the water was all gone, but you could see lines on the walls about 4 or 5 feet up of where it was. Everything was destroyed. Some of the families explained that they were considering selling their homes and taking a huge loss, but that with the help of our guys, we gave them hope that they can rebuild their homes. Others said that one day of work saved them months of work in the future, on top of the cost to bring in the help. Very humbling for our guys.

What are you guys doing to continue to help as time goes on?

As time goes on, we will surely be in touch with the Tisdale’s and do whatever we can to help a teammate and his community in need. We have no immediate plans for what’s next, but I do know that some of our guys could have a bright future in demolition if they so choose!

Great work gentlemen, way to set an example and help bring a positive light to our sport! Check out these pictures and more on the Boston College Facebook page, as well as their Flickr profile.

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