Bold Prediction in the MCLA: Vanderbilt

Lance Antoine is back to make some bold predictions for the 2014 MCLA lacrosse season, starting with Nashville’s Vanderbilt Commodores.
Vanderbilt Men's lacrosse

Photo Credit: Steve Boyden Photography found on Vandy Lax website via Lance Antoine

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Lance Antoine to back LAS! Lance will be writing about all things lacrosse again this year, and for his next post, he’s making a bold prediction about the 2014 MCLA season.

Who is Vanderbilt?

Vanderbilt, a Southern college built in the heart of Nashville, is known for their outstanding academics. What most people don’t realize is that they are up and coming in just about all their sports. Known for baseball, football, and basketball, it’s easy to overlook the lacrosse team.

Last Fall

Last year the Commodores went undefeated in their fall ball scrimmages facing teams including Ole Miss, Alabama, and Mississippi State. Vandy defeated their opponents by at least 7 points every game.

Vanderbilt Men's lacrosse from

2013 Regular Season

In the regular season they went 5-4, roughly (games against Purdue & Central Michigan were cancelled). They started off the season with an OT win, 7-6, against Ole Miss. They then went on to beat Mississippi State at home 17-5. Their next two games were close two point losses against Georgia Tech and Central Florida.

They then went on to beat Kentucky and Illinois State by an average of 8 points (Thanks to a whopping win against Kentucky). After that Vanderbilt lost to Auburn & Georgia, 10-15 and 9-15. They ended their season with a 9-6 road win against Alabama.

2014 Regular Season

This season they open with a conference game against Georgia at home. This season they will battle a lot of familiar faces including Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Alabama.

For those of you unfamiliar with Vanderbilt, they play in the Southeastern Lacrosse Conference (SELC), the largest conference in the MCLA. Vanderbilt has players from all over the country making them a very diverse team.

Vanderbilt Men's lacrosse from


The Commodores are coached by Adam Little. Vanderbilt has a lot of promising players such as John Perez, James Vessa, and Matthew McLaughlin. Perez averages 3 points a game, James averages slightly above 2 and Matthew averages 2 a game. John led the team with 25 points. On the other side Vanderbilt has two promising young goalies, Brian Bernstein and Cal Harris, who both average save percentages above fifty percent. I’d look for Vandy to come up big this season – they have a lot going for them and are very exciting watch.

I can see them going very far and becoming a major power here in the next few years. Even after losing some starters this year, I think being ranked 15th in the preseason conference poll might be a little unfair.

Thus concludes my bold prediction for the 2014 MCLA season. For more on Vanderbilt Men’s lacrosse you can check out their website!

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