Biggest Star to Come Out of the MCLA Lands IL Cover

The biggest name to ever come out of the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association has made his way onto the cover of the December 2012 Issue of Inside Lacrosse Magazine.
Connor Martin magazine cover

The biggest name to come out of the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association has made his way onto the cover of the December 2012 issue of Inside Lacrosse magazine.

Connor Martin magazine cover
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Maybe most of you expected this to have happened by now. Maybe you’re filled with joy for the MCLA. Or maybe you’re just too busy loving Connor Martin’s fashion sense and the tight pink pants he chose to wear.

No matter what you’re feeling, I think we can all agree this cover signifies that Connor Martin has made a big play.

From that ridiculously cool keyboard to his impeccable knack for convincing kids to come to his parties, Connor has stood out, made a name for himself, and opened up a world of opportunity for the future of his brand. And he’s just getting started.

Over the past 24 months, Con Bro Chill has become a household name in the lacrosse community, going from a one-man lacrosse YouTube sensation to a fully staffed, four-person band playing 3D Music in front of crowds up and down the West coast. The band has started to receive national recognition for their music and they’re heading to Texas tomorrow to perform at Austin Fan Fest.

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Connor Martin, the lacrosse player and musician extraordinaire, is on the brink of crossing over to mainstream fame. A few goofy antics, some upbeat tunes, and unparalleled determination have taken him on a unique journey, leading to where he stands today.

No matter what success comes his way, we can count on Connor to remember the good old days playing in the MCLA. Like the last time he graced the cover of a magazine in March 2008. It was his first taste of stardom, and the MCLA may never be the same.


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