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Tanner is a Senior defenseman at Boise State University. He is also the multimedia intern for Team LaxAllStars! Follow Tanner around the US as he continues to drop lax knowledge on those around him!
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Lacrosse the Border: Playoff Push

Hey LaxAllStars Family, We just finished up two home game stands, and then we went on the road to Oregon to play University of Texas. Due to my lack of free time (preparing for the PNCLL tournament and wrapping up the school year), I didn't have a whole lot of time to write, so I made sure the video was full of awesome highlights from our trips to Oregon and Montana!
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Lacrosse the Border: Rise to the Top

It’s been a while since the last video, but hopefully the rest will come more frequently. We’ve played quite a few games since the last video and the teams looking pretty good. If you haven’t been keeping up with the polls on the MCLA website we are currently number 10 in the league and number 1 in the PNCLL.