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Washington University Head Coach Fired

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Washington U Coach Fired

Last night, Washington University in St. Louis fired their head coach, Michael Martin. The firing is rumored to be due to Martin’s intensity and seriousness about the program. yet he never even got a chance to prove himself as the team’s coach during regular season play. 2011 would have been his first season as head coach. (Editor’s note: Thanks to Dev Bala for the updated information about Martin’s coaching tenure! The Wash U website was indeed out of date.)

Washington U Coach Michael Martin

Considering Martin is currently the Secretary of the MCLA and a former GRLC commissioner, this move by Washington U student decision makers could end up causing quite the commotion.  The GRLC has already had a few coaching mishaps over the past several months, and the MCLA has a whole suffers from such occurrences each and every year.

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