Vandal Shots Week 3: Spring Break

#16 Eric Larsen

Editor’s note: Vandal Shots are back! Couldn’t be happier to have these gentlemen on board once again with the LAS network. Sophomore midfielder and Captain Colin Cain will be blogging with MCLA Fan this year as the Vandals look to build off their most successful season to date. I’m excited to see what comes out of the dirty ‘Scow this year, get at it fellas! Without further ado, world, meet Colin Cain.


The classic stereotype of college students traveling to southern California for spring break was made a reality by the University of Idaho Lacrosse team last week. After a real cool 23 hour trip down to L.A., the Vandies set up shop for a week of lacrosse. When the team left Moscow, there was snow on the ground, and when the team got to the hotel, it was 70 degrees. The whole team was excited to get work done on the field, have a good time off the field for the week, and soak up the sun.

The team started off the week with an early game against Claremont College. This game was a battle with a close score for the entire game. The great facilities provided by Claremont added to the great competitiveness and overall good lacrosse being played by both teams. The man up squad for the Vandals really showed up and plugged away a couple goals as well as some individual efforts by Kyle Morse, Patrick Tunison, and the star offensive D Pole Ben Frey as he sliced the cougars D with a goal. In the end, the Vandals just couldn’t capitalize on all of their opportunities and found themselves trailing as the last whistle blew with a final of 8-6 Cougars on top.

#16 Eric Larsen

After that first game was when the break part of the term “spring break” started for the Vandals. With three days off they wanted to enjoy it as much as possible by inventing a new ball game called “chesties,” which will be all the rage in a few short years, but also by getting out from the hotel and hitting Venice beach to star in NCIS with Mr. LL Cool J.

The three days went by fast but the team found themselves prepared to take on UCLA on that Friday night. They traveled across town to get to UCLA to show that they know how to play ball. Almost the opposite from Claremont, both teams had to play on a less than habitable field but that didn’t stop any good lacrosse from happening. The Vandals had trouble putting the ball in the back of the net by hitting pipe way too many times despite playing a great offensive possession game. The defense played stellar, holding the Bruins to 5 goals, 3 of which were actually legitimate, but the O couldn’t hit that white mesh. The final score was 5 – 3 and the team left disappointed and motivated to take on Santa Clara the next day.

The overnight trip to Santa Clara tested the toughness of the team and really made them stay focused on the task at hand, which is the Santa Clara Bulldogs. The bulldogs were arguably the best team they would face and the Vandals were up for the challenge and jumped out on top quickly. Then the game was a hard fought battle but Santa Clara had an advantage in putting the ball in the back of the net. A great effort from Andrew Powers earned him his first career goal and showed that the fight was going to go until that last whistle. The final was 12 – 7 Santa Clara on top. Although it was a frustrating week to lose three games in a row, the team definitely improved overall and looks to go into conference play with a fire and desire to win games.

#84 Deric Wilson

Colin and the Vandies will be with us all season long, so make sure to stay tuned for more from Moscow. To stay updated on all things Idaho, make sure to follow their twitter for in-game updates and 208lax for new information on the team as the season progresses.