Vandal Shots Week 2: California Love


‘California Love’ hit the Vandals for their season opening weekend against the Aggies of UC Davis and the San Jose St. Trojans. The team was confident going into the weekend and very excited to get the season started off right. The first game was a slow start for the Vandals against UC Davis.

Patrick Tunison

There were glimpses of greatness but they just had a hard time putting together the whole game despite a very evenly distributed scoring. The final score was 16-9 and a disappointment for the Vandals. The next game was just after a short trip down to San Jose to face the Trojans Spartans. They showed up ready to play and put out in a great team effort. The whole team played soundly and got their business done.

Ben Frey

In an astounding point effort by senior attackman John Kopke, he put up four goals and six assists, followed closely by freshman Colton Raichl with six goals and one assist. That, matched up with a fierce defense led the team to their 16-2 victory. I know the whole team would like another shot at that first game but no one can complain too much about those results. The team is looking forward to a weekend off from games and a chance to get everything fine tuned before their next match-ups against Portland St and Oregon St.

Aside from all the game results the Vandies showed up to California looking fresh with all new shooters, sweats, and jackets. Although they didn’t need to wear them that much in the 60 degree weather in California, that didn’t stop them from getting many looks of jealousy.

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