Vandal Shots Week 1: The Oregon Fall Classic


Editor’s note: Vandal Shots are back! Couldn’t be happier to have these gentlemen on board once again with the LAS network. Sophomore midfielder and Captain Colin Cain will be blogging with MCLA Fan this year as the Vandals look to build off their most successful season to date. I’m excited to see what comes out of the dirty ‘Scow this year, get at it fellas! Without further ado, world, meet Colin Cain.


My name is Colin Cain and I am a Laxoholic. After playing soccer and football during high school, I needed more to do. Convinced by my cousin I went for the trifecta and tried out for the lacrosse team. I started playing lax my senior year of high school for Boise High School where I immediately fell in love with the game and couldn’t let the rest of my life go lax free. So I headed up north and got on the University of Idaho lacrosse team to keep my career going and to help extend the career of the Mighty Vandies. I am a sophomore, captain, and middie for the team this year. We have got some great young guns on the team that will only help us as we get into the grind of our season, and for seasons to come.

This year we are returning all starters from 2011 except for three. The team is hungry to make it another season of firsts for the team where we want to get some serious face time in the PNCLL. The team has a great  drive and sense of need to get better collectively which helps us make it through practice when we have to wade through a couple feet of snow for the hot slide. Get excited for a great year of lacrosse across the nation but keep an eye out for the “Harvard” of the Northwest and the University of Idaho lacrosse squad!

What goes better together than lacrosse and a downpour of rain? A lot of things, but that did not stop the Oregon Fall Classic from being a hot spot for MCLA lax. This was the third and final fall ball weekend for the Vandals for the 2011 season. With new talent starting on the field, mixed in with some veteran ballers,  this proved to bring the Vandals season to the best they have ever had, winning their first ever tournament.

The trip to rainy Eugene at the site of the University of Oregon was a great showing of lacrosse where Idaho played Division rival University of Washington, had a D2 match-up against the athletic Western Oregon, and then hit the grind against the #6 ranked Ducks. The first match-up for the Vandals was against the Ducks on their home field Astroturf of which Idaho was not used to, and the first half turned out to be a real brawl with a score of 2 to 1 Oregon up. The second half did not go so well for the Vandals and the Ducks scored 8 straight to end the game.

Having a whopping fifteen minutes in between, the Vandals gathered their strengths with a quick snack and a lot of whining. They took the field against the Wolves from Western Oregon University and were quickly set back by the Wolves as they went down 5-1 to end the first half. During the second half though, young gun, lefty cannon, Captain Insano, freshman Deric Wilson brought the team back into the game single-handedly by scoring five unassisted goals in a row.  This made the game tied at sixes until Western scored in the last minute to win the game 7 to 6.

The last game of the day was against the University of Washington. The Vandals came out and dominated the game with a great team effort and goals coming from freshman Colton Raichl, senior John Kopke, junior Charlie Cornforth, and not forgetting a great goal from long pole aficionado and senior and captain Ben Frey (If I forgot to mention his goal, he would have whined about it for the rest of the year).  That game marked the first win over Washington in program history and oh was it nice. The Vandies celebrated a great win and a great fall season with awesome camaraderie and shared it with a hotel desk attendant with a great personality. The Vandals are looking to come out in the spring and turn some heads, and as always GROW THE GAME!

Colin and the Vandies will be with us all season long, so make sure to stay tuned for more from Moscow. To stay updated on all things Idaho, make sure to follow their twitter for in-game updates and 208lax for new information on the team as the season progresses.