Updated: MCLA D1 & D2 Quarterfinals Winners!


Updated: How’d I do yesterday? I nailed some and definitely missed a couple others. Hopefully I can do better next round. I was hoping for some new faces but it looks like the teams with more tournament experience are showing their true colors with their play.

Hustling to get this one posted. Had to post it with the D2 scores before they finished up. Will post D1 ASAP! Games are currently in action and I’m still picking, don’t care what you say. Make sure to head over to MCLA.us so you can keep up with all the action as it unfolds!

On to the glorious predictions! Here is the bracket for D1, courtesy of our good friends over at MCLA.us.

MCLA D1 Quarterfinals

#1 Cal Poly vs. #9 Michigan State

Cal Poly squeaked by UMD yesterday, forcing me to feel like this next round could be another upset opportunity. Especially considering how well Michigan State played yesterday against the Buffs in the final three quarters. In the end though, Cal Poly grinds out another close game and moves onto the Final Four.

And grind it out they did! I’m still not sure what to think of Cal Poly. For being the #1 seed they aren’t looking like a dominant powerhouse, but as well all know, a win is a win. If they win 10-9 or 20-1, it is still a ‘W’. 

#5 SUNY-Buffalo vs. #4 Arizona State

SUNY-Buffalo surprised the heck out of me yesterday with a pretty comfortable win over Cal. After a slow start, they were able to take control of the game and dominated the last three quarters. This will be an intense, back and forth game between two stellar goalies and some pretty impressive shooters. I’m “buying in” to SUNY and I think they pull out the victory in a close, defensive match-up.

Boooo. While I was wrong, props to Coach Malone and the Sun Devils for lighting up the scoreboard a little bit in this match-up. A 5-1 first quarter and 8-3 first half really set the tone of this game. Arizona State is coming on strong.

#3 Brigham Young vs. #6 Chapman

Chapman took control of the game yesterday and while Striding Man thinks Chapman will take it all now, I don’t think they will be able to make it past Coach Schneck and the Brigham Young Cougars. This will be a barn burner, but in the end BYU will come out with the victory.

Barn burner indeed. In a game of runs, BYU was able to take the last one and pulled out a 15-12 victory over the Panthers. Looking forward to the RMLC Title Rematch for the second year in a row.

#7 UCSB vs. #2 Colorado State

This is a rematch of the March game that saw the Rams dominate UCSB in an 11-3 victory. If UCSB can play like they did against CSU in the 3rd quarter of their March game, then it will be a close game. If not though, bad news for the Gauchos and I see Colorado State moving past UCSB by a few goals.

Colorado State and UCSB made this game the defensive battle of the Quarterfinals, definitely didn’t expect that. While UCSB was able to hold CSU to just six goals (from their 11 in the regular season match-up), they still weren’t able to put in more than three.

Looking at this bracket right now, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the winner of the right side of the bracket wins it all. Whether that is BYU, Chapman, UCSB, or CSU is up for debate, but I don’t think the left side of the bracket will be ready for what the right is bringing come May 19th.

Here is the bracket for D2, also courtesy of our good friends over at MCLA.us.

MCLA D2 Quarterfinals

#1 St. Thomas vs. #9 North Dakota State

NDSU may have defeated St. Thomas, but I think the Tommies are just as hungry to get another chance at the title. If you forgot, they lost to Davenport last year. Big chip on their shoulder. Tommies by a couple.

St. Thomas took it 10-7 and while it was pretty close throughout the whole game, I never felt like NDSU was going to take it from the Tommies. St. Thomas is looking to avenge their 2011 Title loss, guarantee it.

#5 St. John’s vs. #4 Dayton

Dayton is up big on St. John’s already, so while this may be an easy pick, I will still call it out, Dayton by a handful.

Dayton by a handful, what’s up? Dayton has their eyes set on victory and weren’t about to let St. John’s upset them.

#3 Westminster vs. #6 Davenport

This game is ALSO currently in action. Westminster just went on a 6-goal run but I think Davenport is ready to make another run and grind this one out. Davenport will pull it out!

This was a really fun game to watch. Davenport went up 8-4 at half, but then Westminster rattled off a six goal run in the 3rd and 4th quarters to tie the game, but Davenport was able to recover before Westminster could take the lead. I think had Westminny put another one in, they would’ve been able to take control of the game. Great quarterfinal match-up!

#10 Grand Canyon vs. #2 Grand Valley State

Grand Canyon may have won yesterday, but I don’t think they’ll have an answer for Grand Valley. Grand Valley by a few.

GVSU won 10-8 with Grand Canyon scoring four goals in the fourth quarter to make the score look a little better. Grand Valley State definitely had control of this one.

We know, the D2 breakdown is a bit disappointing. Our methods for picking MCLA D2 usually resemble something like the image below.

Borrowed from Free-Theme-Song.com

Here’s our challenge to you, we know there are PLENTY of very knowledgeable MCLA D2 Brain Bugs (Starship Troopers anyone?) and we want to hear what you think. You can try ESP, but we would prefer email. Submit your predictions below or to info@lacrosseallstars.com and we will publish the best ones.


  1. Dayton won by a couple handfuls, 12-4.  Davenport pulled out the 12-11 win.  I think it’ll be tough for Grand Canyon to get past Grand Valley.  GCU showed they couldn’t handle a good attackman with Cole from CSUF, and they’ll have to deal with Dumsa and Pouba.

    Could see the championship coming down to a rematch of last year.

  2. If St. Thomas wins today, and they should, we’ll have exact same final four in d2 this season as we did last season.  Dayton has been in at least the final four every year since 2007, and UST has been in at least the final four every year since 2008.