UNC Charlotte Alumni Game Photo Blowout


Back in May, the UNC Charlotte lacrosse team had their first ever alumni game. Why aren’t you hearing about this til August, roughly three months later?

Easy to answer. What better time to show you some coverage than during the dull summer months?

Details of the game: We played at Elon Park in South Charlotte because the University had started construction on a football stadium (Unrelated note: the 49ers kickoff their first ever football season August 31st, 2013, vs Campbell). It was ungodly hot that day, and playing of the turf didn’t help at all. The current team beat  Team Old School by a score of 14-10 or something similar. Young guys wore black/green while the old guys wore white/gold. There were a few of the old guys scattered amongst the young team so everyone had decent sub numbers.

Now, onto the photos!


 Pregame Madness


 Future 49er All-American laxer

 Head Coach Josh DuVall and yours truly showing off our sick gear

 Coach DuVall and Asst Coach and former 49er All-American Mike Ganzert

 Former 49er goalie standout Aaron Berger with Coach DuVall and Ganzert

Major props to Elevation Lacrosse for the gear. They looked way better than we had imagined!

All photos are courtesy of the various families of the alumni.