UC Davis on AggieTV


The UC Davis Men’s lacrosse team has started off on the right foot this year with a 3-1 start, highlighted by an OT win against Stanford and their only loss being against #12 UC Santa Barbara.

Go ahead and watch the video for yourself but be warned, these Aggies are an interesting bunch of guys. I do enjoy the cow print on the side of their shooter shirts though.

Is there a better way to start off your broadcast than to say what she did?

Today we are here at Dairy field,where we are about to witness the Aggies destroy the University of Nevada-Reno.

It was a 14-1 victory, so she’s in the clear. I think this is where the Aggies would insert the phrase BOOM SHA! Anyone know the significance of this?

The Aggies will face some tough tests this season, with upcoming games against PNCLL D1 Portland State, a road trip to Texas for three games including #17 Texas and #20 Texas State  and a conference game against reigning WCLL D1 champ #10 Cal Poly SLO.

Curious to find out more on the Aggies, head over to their team website or their team Facebook.


  1. You haven’t lived until you’ve grown a mustache.

    My favorite Utah lacrosse moment was watching Utah vs. Chapman in 07 at OES field and a Utah mom started tearing into ducks laxers watching because we won the game the night before and “Utah needed the win to make nationals and Oregon didn’t” bizarre, but so were the nights we spent in Provo and Orem. Much love to my woozle alumni.