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Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz

Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz

Editor’s Note: Junior IU midfielder Zach Trefzger posts.


Hey this post is actually up on a Tuesday. That makes sense.

Old Spice

Welcome back everyone. It was long week/weekend here in Hoosierland. Jeff “Saturday” Redish went over some of the highlights in his post on Sunday, so I won’t bore you with what you already know.

Instead I’ll start things off with a little story.

If any of you out there kept up with Coach Tumbas’ 412 LAX blog during the fall, you may remember him mentioning how the injury bug bit our team during the fall ball season. Not once, not twice, not thrice, but a few more times then thrice. If I remember correctly there was a sprained ankle, pulled hamstring, sprained knee and give or take three concussions.

Well, I was one of the players who suffered one of the aforementioned concussions. I was playing on man-down defense as the short-stick defensive midfielder in the middle of a box-and-one formation (For any non-lacrosse players reading this, I apologize if that makes no sense). The offense was moving the ball particularly well on this day. The ball cycled around and eventually the crease attackman caught a pass a few yards from the goal and I was forced to slide over and hit him.

The rest is a bit of a blur. I don’t remember if the he scored, I don’t remember if I fell or what part of his body my head hit; however I do remember immediately feeling something wrong. I came off the field and threw the cardboard box (some call these Cascade CPX’s) that was on my head to the ground. I knew I was concussed.

I was reminded of this story by a gift my parents got me at the start of the New Year. It was a 2011 Major League Lacrosse Calendar, complete with action shots of MLL players and snarky one-liners about how cool the sport of lacrosse is. It was actually a rather excellent gift. Great way to keep assignments and other things in order. It’s all about organization, people.

Here’s February’s Picture:

Major League Lacrosse

Let’s break this one down for a second.

Bruises? They happen, to everyone. If you play lacrosse you get bruises. But are they fun? No, not really. In fact, they tend to hurt and can be rather unsightly. Not the point, we’ll get there.

Concussions? Fun? Yeah those four hours I spent in the hospital with a neck brace on waiting for a doctor to come tell me what I already knew. Super super fun.

How about sleeping 14 hours a night and waking up still feeling exhausted and incapable of conjuring up a single relevant thought in my frustratingly absent mind? That feeling lasted about a week. What a week it was. My accounting professor probably wondered why I completed the first test using a series of poorly drawn pictures and symbols. It was the only language that made sense at the time, I’m sorry.

The worst part about a concussion? After that first week, depending on how concussed you are, you actually start to feel perfectly fine.  You feel like your brain is starting to work again and maybe you can get back onto the field. Comeback time right?


Concussions linger in your brain for weeks after you get them and coming back onto the field too early can be one of the most dangerous things you can do, or so I hear.

Being on the sideline for 4 weeks of fall ball practices playing catch with other injured players and warming up goalies was by far the four most wearisome weeks of my lacrosse career. I would have traded a lifetime of Redskins losing seasons to be on the field with my team (Oh wait, I already have that). It was fall ball, but sitting out of practice is always frustrating.

Broken bones? Yeah those are no fun either.

President Will McClain loving life right here:

Will McClain

Hey President McClain, how fun was it having 8 screws inserted into your ankle?

Whatever, at least he got to fly Air Force One to Walter Reed Medical Center to meet with top ankle doctors from across the globe. Being El Presidente has its perks I guess.

Anyway, What exactly is the MLL trying to promote here?

I get it. I’m not stupid. They’re sarcastically trying to promote a sense of toughness in the game of lacrosse with this snarky little quip. A valiant idea, but there has got to be a better way.

We’ve got some impressionable youth these days (See: Justin Bieber fans, Silly Bandz wearerz) and I think the last thing we need is a bunch of concussed 12 year old lacrosse players bragging to their friends that they have the same “fun” injury as Sidney Crosby, DeSean Jackson, or Troy Aikman*. You think they liked sitting out of practice and missing weeks of games? Must have been really fun for them.

*(How Troy has enough brain cells left to broadcast football games is beyond me, he must have had like 15 concussions? It’s ok, you don’t have to always be relevant Troy, go home and rest. You’ve earned it).

That’s enough ranting this week. Not as much next week, promise.

To Review: Injuries aren’t fun; Troy Aikman shouldn’t be on TV.

On to the Next One…

Some Fun Things I Found on the InterWeb

Anybody in Mclean, VA looking for a new house?  Clinton Portis is selling his.

washington redskins

washington redskins

$2.5 Million? Stocking up on cash before the lockout. CP26 is smarter then I thought.

I Need This and I Need It Now

israel lacrosse

I went to Israel over Winter Break. Surely I could have found room for this in my suitcase.

Yeah I could have, and don’t call me Shirley.

Ice Cream Paint Job

gucci mane

The lightning bolts are a nice touch, Gucci Mane. Sweet ink bro.

Be back next Tuesday. Long week of practice ahead of us, if this post is any indication, I can’t wait.

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