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TLN – Growing The Game With San Diego State

Nick Wallace San Diego State lacrosse TLN
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The Lacrosse Network heads out to San Diego State to learn a little bit more about honorary captain Nick Wallace, and just how SDSU is helping to truly Grow The Game!

If you don’t think that the MCLA is Growing the Game in a major way then you are CRAZY.  Not only are the guys on these teams paying to play lacrosse in college, and pushing the game to new places, at times without even the support of the school, but they also do a lot for members of their local lacrosse communities.  And San Diego State is no exception.

The Lacrosse Network is over on the youtubez, and these guys are putting up great video like gangbusters.  In their most recent video they check in with SDSU and Nick Wallace, a young lacrosse player with a compelling story.  The story itself is pretty amazing, and extremely heartwarming, but what really stuck out to me the most was just how much Nick idolized the guys on the SDSU team.  Sure, Nick probably knows about Hopkins and Cuse, but they might seem a world away.  SDSU, however, is much closer to home, and provides that instant connection.  Growing the Game is done on a face to face basis, and SDSU via The Lacrosse Network, is showing us the way.

AWESOME work by all involved.  We’re proud to call you our MCLA brothers!

Our best wishes go out to Nick and his family as he moves forward in his lacrosse career!!!!!!  A great kid who loves the game… sounds like the perfect lacrosse player to us!

Nick Wallace San Diego State lacrosse TLN

Nick is a champ! Good luck!!!

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