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Chapman BYU Lacrosse MCLA
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The Lacrosse Network was out in sunny California to take in the recent BYU – Chapman game, which turned into an OT comeback thriller! Great video highlight action coming out of some the best of the MCLA.

The Lacrosse Network captured highlights from the recent BYU Vs Chapman game in California and it was a doozy of a game!  The action went back and forth, and then Chapman went up by 4 goals and it looked like the game could be over. However, BYU showed no quit and fought back tirelessly to tie it up.

To tie the game up with only 5 seconds left, the Cougars got the win with a low to high rip off a skip pass that got a lucky deflection, well it’s really only lucky if you’re BYU.  The game saw a good number of goals, and while a lot of them were outside rips, there were some really nice inside looks as well.  Great job with the highlights by The Lacrosse Network.

BYU won the game on a shot off an alley dodge, which had great placement on it, but came from a severe angle.  It was a tough way for Chaptown to lose, but it showed just how tight the game was.  Chapman followed up the loss to BYU with a win over Utah, but BYU lost to Cal Poly that same weekend, in what has to be the biggest upset of the MCLA season.  We can’t WAIT to see more from Cal Poly.  The target is definitely starting to grow on that program’s back!

Chapman BYU Lacrosse MCLA

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