The University of South Florida: Making Program History


Editor’s Note: Please welcome Joey Galuppi to MCLA Fan and the LaxAllStars Network. Joey attends the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. He is an Education major, which he plans to use to get his foot in the door as a lacrosse coach at the high school/college level one day.

Joey plays attack for the South Florida Bulls and proudly wears the number 23. He has played lacrosse for 8 years, and looks to continue to Grow The Game. He has coached for MADLAX-Florida, and looks to continue with them in the near future. He is also a proud alumni of the Barron Collier High School, in Naples, Florida where he played his high school ball.

Go Cougars! Go Bulls! Check out all of Joey’s contributions here.


The Bulls came flying out of the gates to score off the face off on a fast break in the first five seconds of the game. They quickly followed the first goal up with another in the next thirty seconds. However, the Gators would possess the ball the majority of the first half and muster up a halftime lead of five to three, leaving the Bull’s offense hopeless watching, and the Bull’s defense fatigued. With a much needed halftime break, the Bulls exploded out of the gate scoring five unanswered goals in the third quarter. The fourth quarter would be about possession, and goal tending. With a few amazing saves, and the defense shutting down the Gators, the offense was able to get the ball and kill the remaining time left on the clock to secure their first ever win against the University of Florida Gators in program history, which puts the Bulls at a 2-1 in conference record (SELC: Southeast). This is also the first time in the history of the program that the University of South Florida Bulls have obtained two in conference wins, and have put themselves in a position to attend the SELC tournament as a MCLA Division 1 program. Their next game is against the University of Central Florida Knights at home. Just like the Gators, the Bulls are 0-7 all-time against the Knights and look to repeat history and solidify their spot for the SELC tournament.

Florida Game Key Players: Zak Heinritz (1 G, 3 As, 1 GB), Joey Galuppi (2 Gs, 1 A), Grant Wallenfelsz (9-12 FOs, 1 G, 2 As, 6 GBs), Erik Elderdice (1 G, 1 A, 1 GB), Steve Brannen (1 G, 1 GB), Ryan Fennell (3-6 FOs, 1 G, 3 GBs), Nathan Granger (1G), Ryan Dwyer (1 GB), Dillion Harrington (7 GBs), Tyler Huntsinger (2 GBs), Kory Johnson (2 GBs), Andy Schilling (1 GB), Michael Sweeney (3 GBs), & Anthony Lefanto (14 Ss, 7 GA, 66.7%).




Right at the beginning of the game you knew this wouldn’t be a disappointment. The first half featured twelve goals between the two teams, with both goalies standing on their heads keeping the game close. However, South Florida would take a two goal lead into the half, seven to five. The third quarter would be an ugly one for the Bulls and one that they would like to forget, resulting in the determination of how the rest of the season would finish, sadly. With questionable officiating, and calls at times, the Bulls dug themselves into a hole letting the Knights score seven goals alone in the third quarter, the all of them on man up. With little ball possession the Bulls only scored one goal in the third quarter. Once up two goals, the Bulls found themselves down four goals going into the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter wouldn’t be much better than the third. With little ball possession between the penalties and turnovers, they managed to fight cutting the Knight’s lead to two, but that’s as close as they would get. The final score was the University of Central Florida Knights, 15, the University of South Florida Bulls, 12. The Bulls would finish their season with a 7-4 record, and a 2-2 record in their conference (SELC: Southeast). This is the first time in USF history that the Bulls would finish with more than one in conference win, and with a record that was over 50% in the MCLA. The Bulls won more games this season than any other previous season as well. The program is continuing to grow and making strides in the right direction and with a little push will make the SELC tournament next year.

UCF Game Key Players: Zak Heinritz (4 Gs, 1 GB), Grant Wallenfelsz (7-12 FOs, 1 G, 3 As, 1 GB), Joey Galuppi (3 Gs),  Erik Elderdice (1 G, 1 A, 1 GB), Steve Brannen (1 G, 1 GB), Ryan Fennell (5-9 FOs, 1 A, 2 GBs), Patrick Lefanto (1 A, 2 GBs), Dillion Harrington  (1G), Ryan Dwyer (1 GB), Tieler Gittleman (1 GB), Michael Sweeney (3 GBs), & Anthony Lefanto (1 G, 1 GB, 17 Ss, 14 GA, 54.8%).




Photo Courtesy: Bill Pesci Sr. & Image Copyright Daniel Fennell All Rights Reserved.


  1. how is there no love for Catalino, dudes an absolute monster who can take over a game whenever he chooses. If Maryland has a strong year, which I definitely see happening, theres no way Catalino isn’t top three in the argument with Bitter and Crotty

    • if he can take over a game whenever he chooses, why doesn’t he do it more? UMd could have used a push a couple times last year.
      He scores some good goals and is better than Yeatman but I don’t think he’s even in the conversation. I like both Reed and Young more than I like Catalino. his dodging style slows down their O and let’s other teams re-adjust and prepare slides. Sure he’s huge but he just ain’t Ian Dingman yet. YET. If he really worked this offseason maybe he’ll be a contender but that is yet to be seen IMHO. if he really benefited a lot from the boxla he played this summer up in Canuckleland, then he might be much improved.