The Program: Michigan State Lacrosse

Michigan State Lacrosse

Have 38 minutes to spare? Well we strongly suggest you find some time to watch this video. We had the sincere pleasure of meeting Coach Brandon Schwind and watching the Spartans this past May in Greenville as they upset Stanford in the first round with an absolute beatdown on their way to face eventual runner-up Colorado.

If you remember, last year Michigan State surprised the MCLA with going in a different direction and hiring Coach Schwind despite a 12-4 season the year before. The Spartans would embrace the change and show the MCLA that it was for the best by jumping right out into 2013 and not missing a beat, playing tough with Colorado State in an early season loss and then tallying an 11-2 record on the regular season.

In the first round of the 2013 MCLA National Tournament, tenth seed Michigan State would take on seventh seed Stanford, who had just won the WCLL and had been an early season contender to win it all. The Spartans jumped out to an 11-1 lead in the first half and coasted to a 13-9 win.

There is no doubt that the coaching change only helped the Spartans, and their performance this past season is clearly evident of that.

Well done Spartans, keep it up!