The Goal Celebration

Written by Patton

Call me inspired.

In case you didn’t see it, a downright tragedy occurred in yesterday’s Pinstripe Bowl.  Kansas State scored a touchdown to make it a two point game, needing the two pt. conversion to tie.  However, something happened in between to increase the difficulty:

Hmmm, drawing attention to oneself.  Last time I checked a salute is meant to draw attention to the person(s) being saluted.  Anyways, that ended up being worthy of a 15 yard penalty (however, since it was a Big Ten reffing crew it was only marked off 14 yards).

Got me thinkin’…

What’s the best MCLA goal celebration you’ve ever seen?

I’ve seen some creative ones in my MCLA days.  None that got flagged like the salute of course, and I have even run across the salute several times in fact.  I’ve even had one of my own players wobble them wrists.  You can see some [non-MCLA] goal celebrations from Inside Lacrosse here.

Lay your best (or worst?) MCLA goal celebration experience on us in the comments!

And don’t talk about an OT goal celebration.  Golden goals are so adrenaline-packed and crazy that there is no true artistry.  We’re looking for clever, creative, and even disrespectful dancing and gloating as it occurs in the middle of a game.  Nothing where you can just run away from your opponent after you’ve already won.

Are there players that celebrate with style?  Teams that constantly choreograph?  Is one conference show-boating more than another?

Tell us all about it in the comments!

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Patton was head coach at Willamette University for five seasons, where he was named the 2008 PNCLL Div 2 Coach of the Year. In addition to following the MCLA avidly, he is now an official for high school lacrosse in Oregon.


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