The Fighter …for Lacrosse?


We had the opportunity to go see The Fighter tonight and let me say, for any sports enthusiast, this was a great movie; for any movie enthusiast in general, this was a great movie. We have already been hearing a lot of predictions for many Golden Globes and Oscars to come. This movie also comes with a great story with the production side of it and Marky Mark’s struggle to bring this story to the big screen and the four years it took to produce the film, but you’ll have to check out SI mag for that one.

As cool as this is though, when will a big time movie come out like that for lacrosse? Are there any teams that have had any big comeback stories or dark horses coming out of nowhere to win it all? Since Micky Ward was a lesser-known boxer, we’re thinking MCLA teams specifically [While Team USA’s revamping and title run this year was epic]. How about Montana in 2007? Or Oregon’s run to the finals in 2007? Or even Texas State’s playoff run last year? Let’s hear it.

We’ve seen football movies, boxing movies, basketball movies, soccer movies, gymnastics movies, pony racing movies, cycling movies, but what about lax?

Chime in below in the comments. We’re looking for something that would inspire us the same way this movie did, or like Miracle did, again… and again… and again…

The Fighter was still an awesome flick though, so here is a read on it if you’re curious for more on it, or just google ‘Micky Ward’.

‘Fighter’ Q & A with Micky Ward


  1. A movie based on Jim Brown’s experience at Cuse would be interesting if done well.
    Same goes for a movie based on the book, Ten Bears, by Dr. Miles Harrison, Kyle’s father, about his college playing experience would be insanely entertaining. The book is quite amazing.
    Princeton’s first championship would make a compelling story and so would Petro’s first ‘Ship back at the Hop as the HC.
    The real stories are compelling enough, especially that they are real. Hopefully when this happens, it happens that way!