The Davenportal Blog, 1/24/11



School has started, papers have come and gone already. Lacrosse has been grueling for the first two weeks and the fun of the holidays has surely sweated out. Now it’s down to business. While being a school in West Michigan, we have the pleasure of dealing with the snow for the beginning of our season. So thankfully, Coach has moved our practices indoors to focus more on our individual skills before we start going outside on Feb. 1 to prepare for our season opener against two conference teams. (Indoors Games)

Shawn BeerPractices have consisted of lot of running, footwork, wall ball and ice baths. The team is starting to come together as hoped. With the New Year and the season in our minds, the weekends give us time to gel together outside the locker room and it is showing in our friendly competitiveness on the floor. Our team captains, Ceddy Soubry and Mac Ganzak, have really got the team practicing harder than ever. This being Ceddy’s last year and this being Davenport University’s first recruiting classes’ senior year. The nerves and excitement about the year is showing in the senior class. Ceddy has really got the defense stepping up. Returning Shawn Beer has the offense quick to answer the challenge.

The real fun for us is watching the goalies take shot after shot trying to win that so desired starting spot. With the spot still up for grabs, Junior Zach Higgins has really set the bar high for returners Jordan Peir and Justin Scott.

We have many freshmen stepping up big for us right now and many have taken more of the team weight than they may have thought prior to coming in. They have started adjusting and have been showing they are up for the challenge. The guys are fun to play with they have really played well on the field but they have a little trouble cleaning the locker room and picking up balls. Sleep assured that situation is being fix.

The up and coming weeks look promising and we are excited to write the future.

Team in Motion:

This week we have been focusing on offensive skills and even got some “Celtic” in. It’s always nice to see that on the practice plan for the day. Coach splits the team in two and it’s the time your team is segregated, tempers become apparent, things are barked back and forth like two passing dogs on a leash.

The games are played for sprints at the end of practice, while the others get to hit the showers. If the mere thought of that doesn’t slap a piano on your back, the spirits surely will. Lately, it feels like we are making strides for a track title this year as well. When the running rule was added to the short list of rules for the simple 3v2 drill, you could see the attitude swing. We are able to feel pressure of game winning assists in our sticks or finish in close when your teams counting on you. Stuff that should not be learned in game situations and could potentially become costly in conference and tournament play.

The “Celtic” drill has become a staple at Davenport University. It’s a fun drill in the end, and the team seems to mesh more and more each week.

Currently the field is being plowed, the events to come should be fun.

Thanks for reading.