The BC Blog: Bud O’hara


I’m Bud O’Hara, a sophomore midfielder for the Boston College Eagles. I come from Chatham, NJ and am a proud graduate of Chatham High School.  This is my second year on the squad.  Chatham is a 1 hour and 34 minute drive from Seaside Heights.

The lax week started with a scrimmage on the afternoon of Saturday, March 18th against the University of Maine Black Bears.  Due to space limitations and a lack of field availability at home base, the game was played about a hundred yards from the Charles River on some turf graciously lent to us by Harvard University.  Compared to earlier in the week, the game day temperature was downright frigid (someone must have found a four leaf clover on Shea Field because St. Paddy’s Day was heavenly). The wind whipping off the Charles didn’t help things, but the sun poked through the clouds for most of the game and, somehow, both teams were able to endure.

According to the administrative fellas on the team, Maine hasn’t been an official MCLA or PCLL team over the past few years. I never thought they had a team. It sounds like they are scheduling scrimmages with PCLL squads so they can get reinstated into the league. Have to admire the ambition – not only getting back on their feet, but driving all the way down from the woods up north to play us. It’s great to see that we’ll be adding more competition to the league in years to come.

The game ended one-sidedly in our favor, but getting a run in against an opponent was exactly what we needed before we bus off to Michigan on Thursday. Once the score started polarizing, every man on our 40-man roster logged quality minutes. Coach Pat McCavanagh got a chance to shift the puzzle pieces and try out some new personnel arrangements. Standout performances have to go to Mike Hanify for dominating the face-off X, and our suffocating defense in partnership with stellar goalie play by all three goalies: Shea, Nemia, and Citarella. The offense clicked too, but I’ll give us less credit to keep us from bragging.

The game’s final whistle signaled the most serious action of the day. Within minutes of the necessary post-game Easter egg hunt, a spread of three tables and chow from up and down the Eastern seaboard was primed for devouring thanks to the efforts of our loved and appreciated parents and supporters. MVPs of the tailgate were two imports from lower states: buffalo wings from Connecticut, courtesy of the Galvin family; and an Asian Chicken Salad (thanks to the Van Fossan family) that made its way up from New Jersey, and more specifically, a place near and dear to my stomach, the Green Village Deli. I dare anyone in the PCLL to rival these tailgates. Make that anyone in the MCLA for that matter.

The buffalo chicken high I was running on in the car ride back from Harvard came to a screeching halt, when five leftover, take-home sandwiches fell casualty to the Walsh Hall parking lot. Being the scavenger I am, I made a makeshift sampler platter to bring home from the feast. Unfortunately for me, and to a lesser extent my roommates, the plastic tray I chose to carry my subs on was flimsy and completely unfit to transport my treats. Any agony and hardship I endured in the wake of this disaster was soon erased by Saturday night. I needn’t say any more than the win was celebrated. They always are.

This week is lax-packed with practices everyday until we hit the road to fight the Wolverines. Practice Sunday had a weak turnout due largely to the diligence of our scholar athletes who opted out of practice in favor of aggressive book learning. Scholars first Eagles. And today, Monday, we were faced with cancellation thanks to the erratic Boston weather. The first day of spring greeted us with a casual dusting after not having snowed in almost a month. Nonetheless, Tuesday remains promising as a result of two field times – one on the Newton Turf and one in the bubble. Wednesday’s looking good too. Thursday however, will serve us a challenge more daunting than any on field competition we’ll face this weekend: an 18-hour bus ride to Michigan. I don’t think any of us are looking forward to it, but it will be a good test of a certain kind of mettle. A demand by senior Matt Misisco for each of us to bring five DVDs will surely leave us with no shortage of motion picture entertainment. Using my first semester skills developed in Finite Math, I calculate that to be around 164 DVDs, taking into account standard deviation and excluding repeated movies. It’s going to be a long ride, but we all like each other.

We’re excited to get a shot at the champ and to rematch against a Michigan State team that we lost a heart breaker to early last season. We’re playing an ambitious schedule this year and it includes a lot of travel. We’ve already been to Arizona, now Michigan, then Buffalo for an in-conference game, and hopefully we’ll close out on center stage in Denver. One aspect of MCLA lacrosse that has been surprisingly, and overwhelmingly pleasing is the travel. We ship out to the far corners of this great country and get to play lacrosse in places where I didn’t know it existed. It’s no secret that lax is taking off as a sport, but to see that growth first hand is cool. I can’t wait for the next two years – I’m pulling for a trip out to California because there is so much talent out there, and in so many ways.

Boston College Lacrosse Arizona Trip from Zach Citarella on Vimeo.

Crushing books, lax and fluids until Friday. Then it’s on with the Wolverines.

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