Tennessee Lacrosse Blog – 3/29


Tennessee blog brought to you by throwback Tennessee lacrosse shots, because they’re easier to find than pictures from this year…

What a weekend

We got back to sweet, sweet Knoxville late Sunday night, and I spent the entirety of Monday catching up on homework and studying, because as hopeful as it is to think one is going to get any thing “productive” done on a 3 day lax trip to Memphis.

So now I will disregard lecture in front of me, fight off the 6am practice hallucinations and get to what’s really important.

We went 2-1 on the weekend, dropping a tough one to UConn in OT. All three teams had extremely capable faceoff men (not leaving out the other positions, you guys did great too) and it was a blast getting to meet and compete against the other teams.

I shudder to think what it would’ve been like if Kemba would’ve played.

It would’ve looked something like that.

Against Texas A&M Saturday, we really learned a lot about ourselves as a team. Going in to the fourth quarter, we were up by five, and the Aggies exploded for four quick goals to bring it within one. Coach Synowiez took a time out to calm us down, and we were able to answer with four more goals to finish the game 12-7.

Sunday didn’t only bring nasty cold weather, which was the norm for the weekend, but it also brought overtime. IU (412roads, as it were) took the A&M boys on a run for their money, which was an incredibly fun game to watch.

Or run the penalty minutes, or man the horn, or fraternize with the teams… I’m just saying, if you need someone who can run a stop watch, or press a button.. I’m your man.

I would’ve said more something to Coach Tumbas this weekend, but there was more than IU coach; and that was a mountain I was not prepared to climb.

This weekend we’re back on the road for UK, and I can’t say that I’m happy that they’re in the Final Four, and No. 16 VT.

Not exactly my favorite team, but he’s just too clutch.

Kentucky just earned their first win over ECU this past weekend by the tune of 19-5. And oddly enough, VaTech gave Georgia their first win of the season losing 9-8 in Athens. Can’t buy too much into it though, they dropped the Illini fairly comfortably, and only lost to FSU by 2.

In two hours, I’ll be on the road to Nashville, getting ready to put on for my country.

If that goal doesn’t give you chills… you sir, are heartless. I am not looking forward to getting up at 6 and driving back to Knoxville just to take a test.

Special thanks to IU, Tex A&M and UConn for meeting us down and Nashville; best of luck to you guys for the rest of your seasons, and stay healthy.

Finna go loco in about 3 days.