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Editor’s note: Dan Helfrich (T: @DanHelfrich), senior captain of IU lacrosse shares some big news.

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Coach T dropped Little Boy and Fat Man on us after Monday night’s practice.

The excitement level is high in Bloomington.

Recently, Coach Tumbas and 412 Lax has had us all wondering what this giant secret that only 3 people know about is. We, as players, usually already know what he is referring to when he alludes to exciting news regarding our team on the blog, so it was strange for us to wrap our heads around what this secret could possibly be. There was no way to prepare for the bomb that was about to be dropped.

Coach asked us after practice to pack up our gear and meet him in the hallway of the John “Cougar” Mellencamp Pavilion so he could give us something. THIS WAS IT, THE TOP SECRET SURPRISE! At least that’s what I was thinking. Fairly certain that’s what everyone else was thinking as well. While chatter ensued among the players about what it would be, I kept a straight face and pretended that I didn’t much care. I cared. Into the hallway we went.

The first thing I saw were long cardboard boxes and I immediately knew what it was, but didn’t know specifics or why. Then this happened:

Coach T: “Alright guys, the coaching staff has a surprise for you. You have worked extremely hard this fall and pre-season, and with this being my first year here we decided we want to start the season off with a bang. We will be the only team in the MCLA to own a pair of home AND away gloves.”

After a brief uproar, he opened the boxes. Out came these:

Indiana University brine lacrosse gloves

Indiana University brine lacrosse gloves

These gems rank strong to quite strong. The all crimson with a hint of white is magical. Reminds me of when I was surprised with Xbox 360 the Christmas it came out, times 2,156. Everyone loves new gear. It’s what lacrosse players dream about at night. The feeling after putting them on was pure elation. Wish we would have been given the heads up so we could’ve flipped the unveiling. Oh well. Confident I saw this exact face on everyone when the beauties were unearthed.

LOL face

When I first saw the boxes, I knew they were gloves since that was the same packaging we got our white, or should I say, HOME gloves in. But the specifics of the different type and style were what blew our minds. Now we have Silo IIs and King 3s??? Now all we need is a Boom Town pinnie and Jammy Pack from Connor Martin and we’re set.

We still have to prove ourselves on the field. A million different gloves can only get a team so far. This is just fuel to the fire for us to work harder during every single practice to show that we have these for a reason. We are confident in what we will be able to do this season. That being said, we may or may not do this if your team only has 1 pair of gloves:

funny ginger youtube

Just kidding, we aren’t that ignorant. Except for when Purdue comes to town. Then we might do that. It’s fine, Purdue doesn’t much like us either. It’s science.

All-in-all, both pairs of our gloves rule. Thanks, coaches, for hooking us up in a big way.

Indiana University brine lacrosse gloves


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