St. Andrews University: 2013 Season Outlook

Borrowed from St. Andrews Lacrosse

Borrowed from St. Andrews Lacrosse

Christopher Sherman, the head men’s lacrosse coach at St. Andrews University, stops by the MCLA Fan office for a quick rundown on what to expect from the Knights during the 2013 season. St. Andrews competes in the SouthEastern Lacrosse Conference at the MCLA Division 2 level. Keep up to date with the Knights Lax homepage.

What are 3 words that describe your team this year?
Young, Fast, Hungry
How many players tried out for the team this year?
Roster size by position
– Attack: 7
– Midfielders: 10
– Defenders: 8
– Goalies: 4
Roster size by year in school
– Freshmen: 24
– Sophomores: 2
– Juniors: 1
– Seniors: 2
Where do the majority of your players come from?
North Carolina
Team Captains
Dugan McDermott – Long Stick Middie, Bainebridge Island, Wa. Bainebridge Island High School. Dugan is academically a Junior, but is only a sophomore on the field. He brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the team. A complete threat on both sides of the ball. Tough, fast, and skilled. Dugan stayed at St. Andrews when the program moved from NCAA D2 to NAIA, for academic purposes.
Dalton Steed – Defensive Middie, Miami, Fl. Sun Valley High School. Dalton is an academic senior, but a freshman for lacrosse eligibility. A walk-on to the team, his years on campus, his work ethic, and off the field leadership earned his teammates respect. He plans on returning next year to pursue an MBA before joining the military. Fast, Quick, and very athletic Dalton has the capability to be a shut down D-Middie, plans are he’ll be marking up on some of the best middies we face.

Austin Trockenbrot – Defender, Roswell, Ga, Centennial High School. An academic Junior, Austin is a sophomore on the field. His time at St. Andrews made Austin an ideal fit for a Captains role, as his teammates voted him into the position. His willingness to take on the big brother role, and keep on eye on his younger teammates earned him this responsibility. As a player who has taken time to develop his skills Austin bring a hard work ethic mentaility to practice. This attitude has rubbed off on his teammates who are less skilled and developed their talents to push for playing time, driving their teammates to get better.

Matt Benedict – Attack, Victoria, BC, Canada. Claremont Secondary School. Matt is a true freshman, who was voted a captain by his teammates. His mature, level headed, hard work ethic are surely what put him is this position  Playing lacrosse year round in Victoria, BC. Matt played box lacrosse for Victoria in his youth ranks, and this past summer played intermediate for Delta. As a recent graduate of Claremont Secondary School, Matt continues on a great legacy and heritage of Canadian Field Lacrosse players coming from that program. Matt bring a box-field hybrid set of skills, and having adjusted to the speed of college lacrosse he should be an exciting freshman to watch this year.

Can you tell us a little about your team’s goals for the upcoming season?
Our team goals, are just that, team goals. We’ll play these close to the chest.
What’s one thing you’re most excited about?
Just getting back to playing games. Having to take last semester off was brutal, and the guys who stayed here have waited a year and half to put the jerseys back on. The freshman got ‘worked,’ during fall ball. We really pushed them hard, and they are much better off for it, and it is showing in practice, but they are just as pumped as we are to get out and play a game that counts for something.
Who will be the toughest teams to play in your conference this year? Why?
We had scheduled several national ranked programs, but due to scheduling conflicts, we ended up only getting #7 SCAD. Regardless, we are approaching every game on our schedule as though it is the most important. We have our goals and we are going to take it one game at a time. We have not had the chance to see any of our competition play yet, so we dont know what to expect. We are keeping our heads down and just working as hard as we can.
What’s your prediction for the 2013 MCLA Final Four?
I watched some of the games from last years National Championship, and there is some good lacrosse being played by the higly ranked teams. Grand Valley State ended up landing some of the recruits we were talking too. St. Thomas coaches were every where I was at over the summer recruiting, and we lost a few of our top recruits to them. As long as those two stay healthy I dont see why they couldnt make it back the the Final Four. Those are my top two picks. The remaining two slots will come down to a shootout, with Dayton, Davenport, Westminster, and hey St. Andrews hopes to be in the mix. We’ll see how the year plays out for us.