South Carolina Releases 2013 Captains and Gear

South Carolina Gear Collection

Columbia, SC – The University of South Carolina Men’s Lacrosse team has named its 2013 captains: Will Amarante (Jr.), Woody Angle (Sr.), Billy Binder (Jr.), John Groce (Jr.), and Taylor Sones (Sr.) have been called upon to lead the Gamecocks to a successful season.

Angle, Binder, and Groce will lead the Gamecock offense this spring. Angle hopes to resurrect a campaign that mirrors his sophomore season where he tallied 54 points (38g, 16a). Groce will lead a very deep midfield this upcoming season. Binder looks to keep the fire kindling that led to 34 goals last season

South Carolina Offensive Captains

Will Amarante and Taylor Sones will anchor down the Gamecock defense. Sones, a player who has formerly served as a midfielder for South Carolina, has transitioned to LSM to lead an aggressive Gamecock defense. South Carolina’s defense is young, but should not be deceived for its age. Fast and furious is the philosophy in Columbia this spring.

South Carolina Defensive Captains

The Gamecocks have been ousted in the first round of the SELC tournament the past two seasons. The Gamecocks’ season begins on February 22nd when South Carolina travels to Tallahassee to take on Florida State. USC will also clash with the University of Georgia and the University of Central Florida before heading back to Columbia.

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Here is a small sample of what the Gamecocks will be wearing this spring:

South Carolina Gear Collection

Editor’s Note: For those of you, like myself, who have no knowledge of the state items of South Carolina, allow me to spare you the trouble of searching for it. The Palmetto Tree (Georgia is considered the Palmetto State) and crescent moon are very important symbols to the state, dating back all the way to the Revolutionary War and can be seen on the state flag today.

The flag was originally designed for South Carolina troops, with the blue from their militia’s uniforms and the crescent from the emblem on their caps, this was known as the Moultrie Flag. The Palmetto tree wasn’t added until 1861, also a reference to the battles fought by the militia during the Revolutionary War. Thanks to Wikipedia for making me feel smart.

If you know us by know, then you know we love nods to state pride. Love the execution, especially on those socks!

Great stuff Gamecocks, good luck this season! Shout out to Vincent Rubino for sending over these great pics!