Some local press for the ‘Mighty Vandals’


It’s always nice seeing some good publicity for MCLA squads, even more so when it is from a non-lacrosse source. The Argonaut, the University of Idaho’s newspaper, published a really good article today on the squad and their push for recognition and the growth of the sport at Idaho. Definitely a great read.

Photo taken by Nick Groff (UI Argonaut)

University of Idaho lacrosse coach John Andrysiak doesn’t like the term “club sport,” and said his team is more like a “virtual varsity sport” because of how competitive it has become.

Though it is not NCAA affiliated, Idaho lacrosse is part of the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association, an intercollegiate league that spans the U.S. and Canada — it also has a national championship televised each year.          –Kevin Bingaman

You can read the full article at the Argonaut’s website.