SMU Lacrosse Video: I Know What That Looks Like

SMU Lacrosse practice
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MCLA The Lax Mag put together a pretty sweet video for 2012. They have Karl Lynch behind the wheel now and are looking to make some serious moves in the LSA.

SMU Lacrosse practice

SMU getting to work!

SMU Lacrosse was recently featured in a nice little video put together by MCLA The Lax Mag.  It’s a great inside look at how practices run, shows off the hard work SMU is putting in during the off-season, and gives a good peek at the coaching style of Karl Lynch.

The LSA isn’t exactly wide-open, but it is one of those conferences where a lot of change can occur in only one year.  We’re certainly curious to see how this young SMU squad ends up faring in 2012!

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