SELC Kicks Off 2011 MCLA season!

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And so it begins!  The first game of the 2011 MCLA season occurred last night in Waleska, Georgia. The Reinhardt College Eagles defeated the Furman Paladins by a score of 15-7 in the first official game of the 2011 MCLA season!

Reinhardt is an NAIA school, so they are funded by the school’s athletic department. Their inaugural season was just last year (2010) when they went 0-8.


A congratulatory Eagle!

Most NAIA schools that have joined the MCLA have been able to quickly become successful.  Just look at Davenport, Tennessee Wesleyan, and Westminster.  It will be interesting to watch this program’s maturation.

This win also avenged last year’s 15-14 loss to Furman on the road.  This game was not a divisional game in the SELC for the two teams.

Junior midfielder Channing Hoyt scored a whopping nine (yeah 9! holy poop!) goals for Reinhardt in the game.  He added an assist for good measure to get to double digits.*

Channing Hoyt (Jr., Alpharetta, GA) - your scoring leader for the first day/week/month?

Channing is also a cross country runner as his nifty little jacket shows.  10 points in the first game of the season, no big deal.  With this, he has almost equaled his 14 total points in the 2010 season.  Someone was hitting the wall!

Congrats Eagles, way to kick off the season right!

*stats from game report on  Currently, tallied goals for Reinhardt only equal 13.  So maybe Hoyt had 11 goals?

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