SELC Hidden Video – The “Not” Play Of The Day?


April 15th, 2012 – Elon, NC – It’s Liberty University at ELON University  in a SELC D2 Northwest Division “Championship” game. Liberty’s #44 Nathan Lowmaster gets the “LONG-POLE DUNK SHOT” goal. It’s the 3rd quarter in a one goal game.  There is no whistle during the play, even with massive “off sides” yelling. The officials POW-WOW after the play and overturn the goal.

My personal opinion is that you can’t overturn a call that you never made. The officials are now going on “Hear Say”, what they now “thought they saw” and even worse, what the coaches and fans are telling them. Sorry officials, the play “IS WHAT IT IS”, you missed it, and it’s over.

Elon would win the game 12-11 and the SELC Northwest Division Championship.

So what do YOU think?  Did the officials make the right call here or did they miss one?  Who really knows the rules here?

Seems like a HUGELY important goal in a tight lacrosse game!

-Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT