University of South Carolina SELC lacrosse

SELC Hidden Video – South Carolina Vs. Georgia

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It’s “Hidden Video” because Scott MacPherson is doing just about every single thing he shouldn’t be doing while shooting video on a cheap digital video camera.  The camera is shaking a bit, he’s talkin’ to folks on the sidelines and stands, he’s walking up and down the sidelines, the camera pixelates a bit, and he’s making stupid comments and in general just being awesome!

This is why we LOVE Scott MacPherson!  He’s a good time!  Enjoy the highlights from the MCLA!

Feb.17.2012, Tallahassee Florida – University of South Carolina v. University of Georgia.

-Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT

University of South Carolina SELC lacrosse

Some great games in the SELC so far!

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