SELC Hidden Video – South Carolina Vs. Georgia

University of South Carolina SELC lacrosse

It’s “Hidden Video” because Scott MacPherson is doing just about every single thing he shouldn’t be doing while shooting video on a cheap digital video camera.  The camera is shaking a bit, he’s talkin’ to folks on the sidelines and stands, he’s walking up and down the sidelines, the camera pixelates a bit, and he’s making stupid comments and in general just being awesome!

This is why we LOVE Scott MacPherson!  He’s a good time!  Enjoy the highlights from the MCLA!

Feb.17.2012, Tallahassee Florida – University of South Carolina v. University of Georgia.

-Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT

University of South Carolina SELC lacrosse
Some great games in the SELC so far!