SELC Hidden Video: FSU, UCF, a Goal, Yard Sale & End of a Career


Editor’s Note: Scott MacPherson is back on MCLAFan with more content from the 2011 MCLA season to get you excited for 2012!

Now that I am done looking back at 2011 Gamecocks and SELC photos, I’ve started to look back at my 2011 SELC videos.

This “Hidden Video” is from the 2011 SELC Championship Tourney Southern Division semi-final on April 30, 2011 at Northview High School in Johns Creek Georgia. Florida State University and the University of Central Florida fighting for a spot in the SELC D1 championship game.

FSU defeats UCF in this semi-final and would go on to defeat Clemson for the SELC D1 Championship.

– Scott MacPherson @cockslax_reportĀ