SELC Games Of Interest – D1 Showdown, D2 Recovery


SELC D1 Games Of Interest:

Thu. April 5th – Oxford, MS – Alabama @ Mississippi – It’s a SouthWest division game that should have been played already, but no scores exist. Mississippi is 0-3  and Alabama is 1-1 in division. Ole’Miss I’m sure would like nothing better to “stick it” to the tide and get a division win. Alabama is still reeling from an 18-2 FSU loss and a 13-8 Central Florida (UCF was up 10-2 at the half) loss. The Tide need a victory to stay in the tourney hunt, they won’t be out of it but it would make their chances “cloudy”.  Did this game get played or what?

Sat. April 7th – Clemson, SC – Virginia Tech @ Clemson – Ok, we now know that Georgia just beat Clemson, and with authority, on wednesday night. Does that change anything for this inter-divisional matchup? “Ahhhh, no, no it doesn’t”. This is a classic SELC North division rivalry game that could be a preview of the SELC Championship North Semi-final. With the SELC Championships 3 weeks away, this could be more of a “mind” game for the team that asserts its dominance. The outcome will be fresh in both teams minds come tourney time. Or maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all! :-)

Sat. April 7th – Orlando, FL – South Florida @ Central Florida – Its a SouthEast Division game, South Florida is 0-2 and Central Florida 1-1 in division. This is a different Bulls team this year, a few 1 goal wins and losses. The Bulls have played in a month and that could be a problem, as Central Florida’s “RUN and SHOOT” offense can break you earlier. Central Florida has dominated the series, winning the last 6 against South Florida.

Sat. April 7th – Gainesville, FL – Miami @ Florida – Yet another Southeast Division game, Miami is 0-2 and Gators are 1-0 in division. The Gators have won the last 5 games with the Hurricane. The Hurricanes have scored 51 goals and have 135 goals against in 10 games. Seems like scoring is a tough thing for the Hurricanes. It’s the Gators time to make a run at the Southeast division title.

To get you even more excited for the D1 action we’ve got a quick highlight of Gamecocks midfielder #14, David Pond, with a couple of nifty “MY SPLEEN” moves on the HOKIES and 5 hole goal.

SELC D2 Games Of Interest:

Fri. April 6th – Buena Vista, VA – ELON @ Southern Virginia –  It’s a division game, and ELON is 1-1, while Southern Virginia is 0-2 in division. ELON has won the last 6 meetings with SVU. This seems to be the perfect place for ELON to “get better”. But it’s on the road, and funny things can happen to road teams. Southern Virginia could make this a “happy time” for them with a win against a perennial SELC power.

Fri. April 6th – Kennesaw, GA – Emory @ Kennesaw State – It’s a division game. What can I say about Emory this season, 0-2 in division, 0-6 overall, scored 27 goals, have allowed 117 goals. Obviously a down season for Emory. Kennesaw State is 1-0 in division. State is just 2-5 in the last 7 games with Emory. State has as good as a chance as anyone to win the SELC Championship. Gotta take ’em one at a time.

Sat. April 7th – Palm Beach, FL – Georgia Southern @ Palm Beach Atlantic –  Division game, Georgia Southern is 1-1 and the Sailfish are 2-0 (was the UNF game really a Forfeit?) The Sailfish need to “keep on keeping on”, to a victory, which would, I think, clinch an SELC Tourney spot.

Sun. April 8th -Holbrook, NY – SCAD @ Davenport –  Not a division game. Davenport is the defending MCLA D2 champion and currently the #4 team in country. Enough said about Davenport. SCAD has recovered from that “assault” the Palm Beach Atlantic put on the BEE’s. This is another step in SCAD’s recovery process which could culminate in a successful defense of their SELC D2 championship.

-Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT