SELC D2 Power Rankings

South Carolina VTech Lacrosse SELC
The SELC is going strong!

After a week’s layoff the SELC D2 Power Rankings have a little movement, mostly at the bottom of the rankings.

#1 SCAD stays on top. #2 ELON made out very well playing some excellent national programs down there in Palm Beach. #4 COASTAL CAROLINA moved up a slot after a nice win over  an underrated #9 FLORIDA GULF COAST. I think that I have given FGCU a bad ranking to start the season, but they are proving me wrong and making their way up the rankings.

#6 PALM BEACH ATLANTIC remains winless against some excellent national competition, but I had to drop them for not taking  at least one game at home. The SAILFISH are probably the best 0-4 team in the conference/country! #10 CHARLESTON didn’t play, but suffered in the rankings by the play of the other top 10 teams.

#14 SOUTHERN VIRGINIA and #15 NORTH FLORIDA had the biggest bump moving up 4 slots. NORTH FLORIDA defeated #16 REINHARDT soundly.  REINHARDT seems to be slumping (down 6 slots) a bit after a good start, hope they can right the ship in division play where they are 1-0. I was impressed by SOUTHERN VIRGINIA’s two out of conference victories.

#17 EMORY and #18 UNC-CHARLOTTE continue to give up massive amounts of goals. If your defense can’t stop an opponent just a little bit, you are in deep “do-do”. Defense is a hard thing to fix, EMORY and UNC-CHARLOTTE need a fix in a hurry!

-Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT