SELC D2 Power Rankings


EN: Scott MacPherson is back with another killer edition of SELC D2 Power Rankings!

Not a whole lot of what I would consider “Super Important” SELC D2 contests this weekend.  And so, there was not much movement in this week’s SELC D2 Power Rankings.

The top 4 (SCAD, Elon, Kennesaw State, Palm Beach Atlantic) teams remain in place.

You may ask, “how does Kennesaw remain at #3 after a two loss weekend and a 1-4 overall record?”  Well, Indiana Tech and Dayton  are some good out of conference competition and I am giving Kennesaw the benefit of the “doubt” here a bit. Remember that 9-2 win over Georgia Tech that they had to forfiet for administrative reasons?  Well, GT took down perennial SELC D1 power FSU 10-7 this weekend.  Read into what you will or want to.  We will know more about Kennesaw for sure soon enough.

The upper “middle” of the SELC have been shuffled a bit. Coastal Carolina move up one slot to #5 after a 3 goal loss to South Carolina. I received a good scouting report from the Gamecocks and Coastal appears to be the real deal. Liberty had the biggest jump from #11 to #6 after a nice division win over Appalachian State at #7. Liberty is 2-0 in division and is in the driver’s seat for an SELC Playoff berth. Charleston, Tennessee Wesleyan, Reinhardt all lost a place, even though they did not play. The Citadel dropped a slot despite a win over Wofford. #12 through #19 all remained the same.

The “SELC D2 POWER RANKINGS” is on spring break in Helsingborg Sweden next week and will return in two weeks!

-Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT


  1. Tom – very good article.  UP Lax is a real good event.  Mr. Gunkel is 100% correct – Perspective is the key word. 

    I have coached youth and some HS since 2001 and have seen first-hand the club “scene” really explode.  In an area like Baltimore, it probably has had more of an impact on players and parents since many clubs directly compete with the established Rec programs.  Some clubs (boys and girls) started fielding spring teams, forcing many players and parents to make a choice between their club and their Rec program.  

    However in developing areas without strong youth or HS leagues, clubs may be the only legitimate option for players to get the necessary coaching and games they need to develop and get exposure.

    As far as D1 scholarships, if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone tell me about a cousin or a neighbor who got a “full ride” for D1 lax, I would be a very wealthy man.  The numbers don’t lie.  What a lot of parents don’t realize is that there may be more actual financial aid (not necessarily in the form of an athletic scholarship) available to their child at a D2 or D3 school.