SELC D2 Power Rankings

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Scott MacPherson is back with another killer rundown on the SELC lacrosse action. There is no better conference to follow than the SELC because of Scott’s dedicated reporting! He makes it so easy!

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There was no movement in the top 5 as SCAD remains at #1, despite a loss to D1 Clemson 14-5. I am a little bit surprised by the score, thought it would have been a bit closer.  Appalachian State lost a close one to D1 Wake Forest 11-9. My apologies to Coastal Carolina, they should have been #6 last week, missed that one. Reinhardt lost for the first time this season but remains at #9.

The major re-shuffle was with slots 10 through 19. The Citadel #10, Liberty #11 and Florida Gulf Coast #12 all moved up 3 places. Davidson #13, Emory #15 and North Florida #19 continued their decent towards the bottom of the Power Rankings.

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