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EN: The 2012 SELC Lacrosse season is underway. As best as he can each week, Scott MacPherson will wrap up the previous week’s SELC D1 games. Scott will add his perspective on what the games mean in the bigger picture of SELC D1 divisional races, the SELC Championship tourney and maybe even the MCLA National picture.

Northeast Division

Clemson (div. 2-0, overall 2-0) – Defeated NC State 13-10 and ECU 15-3 on the road. Both Divisional victories.

East Carolina (div. 0-1, overall 0-1) – ECU opened the season with a divisional loss to Clemson

NC State (div. 0-1, overall 0-1) – The Wolfpack lost at home to Clemson. Seems as though the Wolfpack had a nice comeback in the 4th, outscoring the Tigers 5-1.

South Carolina (div. 1-0, overall 1-0) – The Gamecocks opened their season with a 12-7 victory over D2 Charleston in Columbia.

Wake Forest (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

Northeast Division Notes: Clemson starts its season in perfect form with 2 divisional wins. Clemson gets UCF and Boston College at home this weekend. Would like to be there for those games, should be very interesting. I like the 4th quarter comeback, even though it fell short, by NC State in the Clemson game. Shows some “resolve” that will serve the Wolfpack well. I attended the Charleston Gamecocks game. Mixed performance by the Gamecocks that I would categorize as “Scrimmage Like”. The Gamecocks will get a wake-up call with a visit to Tallahassee to play the Seminoles in 2 weekends.

Northwest Division

Kentucky (div. 0-0, overall 0-0) – Has not started season

Richmond (div. 0-0, overall 0-0) – Has not started season

Tennessee (div. 0-0, overall 0-1) – One of the many close games in the SELC was the Vols loss to Auburn. 5 goals in the 4th weren’t enough to overcome the Tigers.

Virginia Tech (div. 0-0, overall 0-0) – Has not started season

West Virginia (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

Northwest Division Notes: Virginia Tech remains the perennial favorite to win the division. Richmond is an unknown entity but I suspect they will field a pretty good squad. WVU made it to the SELC playoffs as the #2 team in the division but lost their outstanding goalie to graduation. Tennessee is always a tuff team that plays a lot of close games. This should be a very interesting division.

Southeast Division

Central Florida (div. 1-1, overall 1-1) – UCF trounced D2 North Florida 32-6 and in what must have been a classic game lost to FSU 16-15 at home in Orlando.

Florida (div. 0-0, overall 0-0) – Has not started season

Florida State (div.2-0, over.2-0) – Defeated divisional rival UCF 16-15 on the road and had a tussle with an upstart USF team in a 12-8 victory.

Miami (div.0-0, over.0-0) – Has not started season

South Florida (div. 1-1, overall 0-1) – The Bulls trailed the Seminoles by 1 goal going into the 4th but were shut out int the last period and lost to the Seminoles 12-8.

Southeast Division Notes: UCF started the post David Drehoff era by almost taking down FSU. UCF hasn’t missed a beat. The stunner was the dogfight USF gave FSU. That was totally unexpected. Kudos to the Bulls, looks like they will be a factor in the divisional race this year. Despite all that, FSU weathered the early season storm and jets out to a 2-0 division record.

Southwest Division

Alabama (div. 0-0, overall 1-1) – The Tide beat-up on LSU 15-3, again, no National Championship involved, but lost to PCLL Northeastern 15-4 at home.

Auburn (div. 0-0, overall 1-0) – Auburn one a squeaker at home over Tennessee 11-10.

Georgia (div.1-0, over.2-0) – The Dwags got an early division win over Mississippi 10-4 and took down D2 Kennesaw 13-3.

Georgia Tech (div. 1-0, overall 2-0) – The Jackets lost to D2 Kennesaw State 9-2 the reverberated through the “Twitterverse”. This game was later forfeited by KSU due to a “roster paperwork” issue with the league. GT regained there composure with a 14-3 win over division rival Mississippi.

Mississippi (div. 0-2, overall 0-2) – The Rebels started the season with 2 divisional losses to Georgia 10-4 and Georgia Tech 14-3.

Southwest Division Notes: In 2011 this division was a toss-up most of the year. I dont see that changing in 2012.

My comments on the D2 Kennesaw State 9-2 win over D1 Georgia Tech:  

Is it a no win situation for D1 teams?  No, I don’t think so.  Does it look bad?  Maybe, if you allow it to “take you over”.  It’s great for KSU and it should be.  They should celebrate.  And it should be a big boost to KSU as well. Will it hurt GT?  Well the MCLA only takes one SELC D1 team anyway, so that isn’t a problem. It only hurts GT if they don’t bounce back from that stunning loss. And actually that goes for KSU too; don’t celebrate too much, as you have another game staring you in the face.

It’s about how you handle adversity and taking the next step.  Seems to me GT handled the adversity very well and followed this loss with a 14-3 win. So my bottom line on this if you don’t learn from your adversity, then yeah it’s a bad thing. But if you use this as a positive learning experience, and channel that into a positive result, it is a massive victory and confidence builder that could propel you into a most successful season. GT has taken the first positive step. Maybe they can continue to channel this into a great season. I’ll guess we will find out! That’s my 2 cents… for now!

– Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_report