SELC D1 – What Did We Learn This Week?


EN: Scott MacPherson is back on MCLAFan with another stellar rundown of the SELC’s first division.  Every team has played at least one game overall, and many have quite a few conference games under their belts.  SECL D1 lacrosse has seen some surprising scores so far, and the rest of the season is looking competitive and unpredictable!

Northeast Division

Clemson (div. 3-0, overall 7-1) – Defeated FSU 10-3, and division win over Wake Forest 15-6
East Carolina (div. 0-2, overall 0-5) – Lost to Elon 14-6, and Division foe Wake Forest 12-9
NC State (div. 0-1, overall 1-4) – Defeated Florida 11-5, lost to Georgia 7-6
South Carolina (div. 0-0, overall 3-2) – Defeated a pesky Coastal Carolina team 10-7
Wake Forest (div. 1-1, overall 3-1) – Divisional victory over East Carolina 12-9,

Northeast Division Notes: Huge weekend for the Clemson Tigers! A dominating 10-3 victory over defending SELC Champ Florida State in Greenville SC was big!  Having seen FSU just last weekend, I’m not shocked that Clemson won, but to do so in such a decisive way is very impressive. The Tigers followed it up on Sunday with a 15-6 division victory over Wake Forest. Clemson has clinched an SELC playoff spot with their 3-0 record. Only rival South Carolina stands in Clemson’s way towards another division title.

NC State got their first win of the season, 11-5, over the Gators. That is a very nice win for the WolfPack, as the Gators always field a competitive, well coached team. A close loss to a very good Georgia had to be a bit heart breaking for the “PACK”, but I think we can say “the PACK is BACK!” with some certainty now.

East Carolina lost to perennial SELC D2 power Elon by a wide margin and lost to division Wake Forest 12-9. ECU gave up 8 goals in the second quarter in the WFU loss. Wake Forest is 1-1 in division after getting roughed up by Clemson. South Carolina held off an up-start SELC D2 Coastal Carolina 10-7. Coastal has a Sophomore Attack transfer (Ryan Redmond) from NCAA D3 power Cabrini who tore up the Gamecocks for 6 of the 7 Coastal goals.  Definitely a player to watch this year!

Northwest Division

Kentucky (div. 0-0, overall 0-1) – Did not play
Richmond (div. 0-0, overall 3-0) – Beat Miami 8-6, and UCF 16-14
Tennessee (div. 0-1, overall 2-3) – Lost in division to Virginia Tech 12-8, and Alabama 12-8
Virginia Tech (div. 1-0, overall 2-0) –Division win over Tennessee 12-8, Beat Alabama 17-6
West Virginia (div. 0-0, overall 0-1) – Did not play

Northwest Division Notes: The Richmond Spiders did some real nice “work” in South Beach this weekend. The Spiders took out Miami and Central Florida by 2 goal margins each. Close road wins set the Spiders up for divisional play nicely. Tennessee lost to division Virginia Tech 12-8. The Vols trailed 7-6 at the half but could only manage 2 more goals in the second half.

Alabama defeated the Volunteers by the same score. Tennessee was down 8-3 at the half against the Tide, but I think it was 8-1 at one point in the 1st half. On twitter I “watched” the Volunteers charge back into the game, and I think they go to within 3, but a 6 goal hole is hard to dig out of. It says a lot about the fight in the Volunteers. Virginia Tech got a division win over Tennessee, shutting the Vols down in the second half.

Southeast Division

Central Florida (div. 1-1, overall 2-4) – Lost to Richmond 16-14, Beat Miami 22-7
Florida (div. 1-0, overall 2-2) – Lost to Georgia 14-3, Lost to NC State 11-5
Florida State (div. 3-0, overall 5-3) – Lost to Clemson 10-3, and Georgia Tech 10-7
Miami (div. 0-2, overall 0-6) – Lost to Richmond 8-6, lost to UCF 22-7
South Florida (div. 0-2, overall 3-2) – Did not play

Southeast Division Notes: Central Florida gets a division win over Miami and goes 1-1 in division. I am a bit surprised that the Gators got skunked by the Georgia Dawgs 14-3, but they came back and got the “W” against NC State. With the division loss to UCF, Miami is on the brink of missing out on the division (0-2) playoff spot race.

That brings us to FSU’s weekend on the road. I’m not surprised that FSU lost to Clemson, just the way it seems to have happened. Total power outage on offense for the Noles, just 3 goals. Having seen FSU play the previous weekend their offense was running on all cylinders. FSU followed this up with a 10-7 loss to Georgia Tech. I watch parts of this game on LAXXTV.COM.  I Couldn’t believe what was happening, the Jackets were dominating FSU, and yes that is just what happened.  Crazy.

There was a lot of standing around by FSU, and where was the end-to-end aggressiveness? Ok, I need to take a deep breath. This happens to teams, not normally FSU, but it happens. Neither of these games were division games and FSU is 3-0 in division. FSU is a very good young team and I am guessing that they learned a lot about themselves and will be much improved by SELC Playoff time. FSU is too well coached for this to have a negative impact.  Somehow, these losses may make the Noles MORE dangerous.

Southwest Division

Alabama (div. 1-0, overall 4-2) – Lost 17-6 to Virginia Tech, defeated Tennessee 12-8
Auburn (div. 1-1, overall 2-2) – Did not play
Georgia (div. 2-0, overall 7-1) – Defeated Florida 14-3 and NC State 7-6
Georgia Tech (div. 1-1, overall 5-2) –Beat Florida State 10-7
Mississippi (div. 0-3, overall 2-4) – Overtime win against LSU 12-11

Southwest Division Notes: Alabama bounced back from a big loss to Virginia Tech with a nice win over Tennessee. The Tide opened up a 6 goal lead on the Volunteers in the first half and had to hold off a furious Volunteer comeback. Nice work by the Tide and their coaching staff. It can be difficult to refocus after you get blasted the day before. Georgia just keeps rolling, blasted Florida and held on to a 1 goal win over NC State.

Whats not to like in Mississippi’s overtime win over LSU?  Even better yet the game was in New Orleans! Let the good times roll!

Switching topics now… Let’s see, what were people saying about Georgia Tech’s opening season loss to SELC D1 Kennesaw State?  How big of a win it was?  Well, that actually became a forfeit win for the Jackets. And in the meantime, Georgia Tech just kept on playing lacrosse one game at a time, improving itself at every step. The reward for the Jackets, Ws galore, including that dominating win over FSU! Well done Jackets and the coaching staff!

NOTE: “SELC D1 – What did we learn this Week?” will be on vacation next week! I will be traveling to Sweden for my real job and I’ll probably be working to hard (Insert laughter here)!