SELC D1 – What Did We Learn This Week


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Northeast Division

Clemson (div. 2-0, overall 5-1) – Defeated Texas A&M 11-4 and SCAD 14-5
East Carolina (div. 0-1, overall 0-3) – Lost to Richmond 17-5
NC State (div. 0-1, overall 0-3) – Did not play
South Carolina (div. 0-0, overall 2-2) – Lost to Georgia 9-6, defeated Miami 16-7 and Lost to Florida State 12-11
Wake Forest (div. 0-0, overall 2-0) – Beat Appalachian State 11-9

Northeast Division Notes: Clemson continues it’s winning ways with 2 nice wins. The win over D2 SELC SCAD is a nice win. SCAD is very good, quick, skilled and coached well. 14-5 score took me by surprise, thought it would be a bit closer. Nice win by the Tigers. I was in Tallahassee to see the Gamecocks play. It was a disappointing loss to Georgia on friday night. Gamecocks were up 5-2 at the half, but the Dawgs just took control of the game in the second half. But make no mistake, this Gamecocks team is for real.

On Sunday the Gamecocks went toe-to-toe with Florida State. Gamecocks spotted the Noles a 4-0 lead in the first 4 minutes of the game but only trailed 8-7 at the half. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters went back and forth between the teams. The Gamecocks had the ball to end the game, just couldn’t score to send the game to overtime. It was a “barometer” game for the Gamecocks, and they proved they can play with the FSU’s of the MCLA. Gamecocks where just a couple of bounces away from a win. Stay tuned to LAX ALL STARs for “Hidden Video” of this game.

Northwest Division

Kentucky (div. 0-0, overall 0-1) – Did not play
Richmond (div. 0-0, overall 1-0) – Defeated East Carolina 17-5
Tennessee (div. 0-0, overall 2-1) – Defeated Georgia Tech 8-6 and Texas A&M 12-5 in Atlanta
Virginia Tech (div. 0-0, overall 0-0) – Did not play
West Virginia (div. 0-0, overall 0-1) – Lost to Central Michigan 10-9

Northwest Division Notes: Nice weekend in Atlanta for your Volunteers. The Volunteers held Georgia Tech to 2 goals after the first quarter. Good work by that Tennessee defense. West Virginia gave up 9 goals in the second half in a 10-9 loss to central Michigan. Richmond blew-out ECU. Taking a look at the division, Virginia Tech is still at the top, Tennessee and Richmond seem to be in the next tier, Kentucky and West Virginia next.

Southeast Division

Central Florida (div. 0-1, overall 1-3) – Did not play
Florida (div. 1-0, overall 2-0) – Did not play
Florida State (div. 3-0, overall 5-1) – Defeated Miami 15-7, Georgia 13-6 and South Carolina 12-11
Miami (div. 0-1, overall 0-4) – Lost to FSU 15-7, South Carolina 17-6 and Georgia 12-0
South Florida (div. 0-2, overall 3-2) – Defeated Auburn 12-11 and Mississippi 10-9 at Auburn

Southeast Division Notes: Nice weekend for those South Florida Bulls! Two one goal wins, on the road is no easy task. Well done “Bulls”. FSU had an excellent weekend, again. The finale against South Carolina was as the coaches from but teams said “That was Real College Lacrosse”! The Gamecocks challenged the Noles in all phases of the game. I thought that FSU was going to “blink” a couple of times, but they didn’t. It’s the sign of a champion, they handled the adversity, well done FSU. Stay tuned to LAX ALL STARs for “Hidden Video” of this game.

Southwest Division

Alabama (div. 1-0, overall 3-1) – Did not play
Auburn (div. 1-1, overall 2-2) – Defeated division foe Mississippi 15-8 and lost to South Florida 12-11
Georgia (div. 2-0, overall 5-1) – Lost to FSU 13-6, defeated South Carolina 9-7 and Miami 12-0
Georgia Tech (div. 1-1, overall 4-2) – Lost to Tennessee 8-6, defeated Texas A&M 17-9
Mississippi (div. 0-3, overall 1-4) – Lost to Auburn 15-8, lost to South Florida 10-9

Southwest Division Notes: I was in Tallahassee to see Geogia defeat the Gamecocks. A really nice win by the Dawgs. Dominated the Gamecocks in the second half and won the game. Disciplined, executed there offense very nicely and the defense just shutdown the Gamecock’s offense in the second half. A solid victory by Georgia in all phases of the game. Very Impressive. With a 2-0 division record, Georgia will be tough to beat in division play. Mississippi, 0-3 in the division, is officially out of the playoff hunt after a loss to Auburn.

– Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_report