SELC D1 Power Rankings

It's time for the "We Can" Attitude.

EN: Scott MacPherson is back recapping all the weekend action from the SELC First Division.  With all the wins and losses piling up, Scott creates the weekly Power Rankings, which let you know EXACTLY where every team stands.

After one and a quarter seasons of writing the “SELC D1 POWER RANKINGS” for the first time we have a new #1. Clemson defeated FSU in Greenville SC 10-3 to grab the #1 spot. Congratulations Tigers, well earned! The “bad” weekend for FSU continued with a 10-7 loss to Georgia Tech, which was an even bigger upset then the Clemson loss. GT moved up to six slots to #4 with the FSU victory. Virginia Tech moved to #2.

Georgia is #3 with a two win weekend. The Dawgs continue to impress me. Power Rankings are a strange thing, as I watched Georgia get destroyed (13-6, 10-2 at half) by FSU 9 days ago. But two unexpected FSU losses are just too much to ignore. FSU drops to #5, South Carolina moves up a spot to #6 benefiting from FSU (2 losses), #10 Florida (2 losses) and #8 UCF losses. Richmond got two wins over this weekend, one over UCF, and made a big 6 slot leap to #7.

How about Georgia Tech?  That opening loss (turned into a forfeit win) to SELC D2 Kennesaw State just ignited a flame in the Jackets! With the 10-7 victory over Florida State, Georgia Tech jumped 6 slots to #4 in the power rankings. It’s a long season, play them one at a time and improve every day, that’s what Jackets are doing. Go get ’em, Jackets!

Tennessee dropped 2 places to #11 after a 2 loss weekend. Great overtime win for #16 Mississippi over SEC rival LSU in New Orleans is nice for the “Admiral Ackbar’s”.

I characterize the SELC D1 season to this point with these phrases; “Expect the Unexpected”, and there will be many dog fights for the 8 playoff spots and the SELC Championship Tourney will be ultra competitive. We have a long way to go, but I am pumped for an exciting March and April.

The “SELC D2 POWER RANKINGS” is on spring break in Helsingborg Sweden next week and will return in two weeks!

-Scott MacPherson @COCKSLAX_REPORT