SELC D1 Power Rankings

Florida State Georgia lacrosse
Quite the photo!

I got to see #1 Florida State up close and personal this weekend, and they certainly performed like a #1 team. On Sunday afternoon the South Carolina Gamecocks gave them a run for their money but the Seminoles pulled out a 12-11 victory. I haven’t seen every SELC team, but the Gamecocks may be the toughest matchup for the Seminoles in the SELC. That being said, the Gamecocks dropped 3 slots to #7 with a loss to Georgia and FSU over the weekend. Clemson remained at #2 with 2 wins Texas A&M and SCAD.

The Georgia Dawgs had an impressive win over South Carolina in Tallahassee and that moves them into the #4 slot. Tennessee moved up 3 slots to #9 with 2 wins.  South Florida moved up to #11 after two impressive one goal road victories. NC State bumped 3 slots by virtue of the weekend success of both Tennessee and South Florida.

So all in all, not so much movement, and the big loser in the Power Rankings was South Carolina.  The big winners of the week were Georgia, Tennessee and South Florida.