Saint Mary’s College Gets Turfed!

SMC Lacrosse Field

As mentioned in Connor Wilson’s Hot Pot of Lax on October 5th, the Saint Mary’s College men’s lacrosse program has a sweet new all-weather field available to them this season.

Here’s an excerpt of an article from the SMC Collegian, the school’s campus newspaper:

Men’s lacrosse coach Colin Knightly knows all too well how something as basic as a field can affect a team’s performance.

“We’ve played in some mud holes,” he recalls. “The school’s always been great in that they don’t cancel games on us, but routinely we get practices canceled and the field will be closed, so it’s tough to make up that lost time.”

With the christening of the new multi-use artificial turf adjacent to Saint Mary’s Stadium two weeks ago, men’s lacrosse is just one of many teams, from NCAA to club to intramural, that hopes to take full advantage of having a guaranteed quality playing surface in place of the often unreliable former grass fields near the campus’ entrance. But Knightly also hopes it signals the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the club’s history.

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The SMC Gaels will be hosting some great MCLA Division 2 match-ups at home this year, including games against Westminster, Concordia and Western Oregon.

Here are a couple photos of the new field:

SMC Lacrosse Field

SMC Lacrosse Field

Congrats to the Gaels on their new field! We’re looking forward to more SMC coverage during the 2012 season!