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With all the talk recently about lacrosse improving along the West coast and the debate between NCAA and MCLA, it was great to see the Red Hot Buffs come up with the idea for the series, Club Ball. It isn’t often (or ever!) that we get such dedicated individuals willing to take time out of their own lives to put together a series on the lowly ole MCLA. When they released the teaser for the series, I became even more excited. They are putting together a quality package here, they aren’t just a bunch of amateurs with cell phone cameras taking video of their friends doing goofy gimmicks to get attention, this is the real deal. So I sat down with two of the Buff Alumni involved, Colin Rosenblum and Steven Keyes to ask them a few questions about Club Ball. Enjoy!

CLUB BALL //Teaser from Red Hot Buffs on Vimeo.

MCLA Fan: What brought on the idea for this series?

RHBs: There are a few things that got us going on this idea. Mainly, we loved our experience in the MCLA and the opportunities it created for us. We work different jobs and we studied different subjects in school, but the thing we have enjoyed the most has been our experience with Red Hot Buffs. As players it was difficult to find a time to film during practices and games. Now that we’ve graduated we have much more time to devote to filming. We want to be able to look back in five years and see that the blog is still going strong and getting more exposure year to year. We have been searching for a way to showcase this as well as the MCLA, a web series seemed like the perfect opportunity.

How did the players/coaches/administrators at Colorado receive the idea?

We’ve made a handful of videos for Red Hot Buffs before this web series, so the players are, and have always been, very receptive, it’s kind of become the norm for them. All of the coaches and administrators were very receptive as well. It is difficult geographically, for the staff to be at all the recruiting camps over the summer, so their best way to connect is to sell the program via the web. If we can sell the lifestyle while also showing a high level of lacrosse I think kids will be receptive to it. This experience has been very positive so far; we’re very lucky to live in a place and to be surrounded by people that promote and support creativity as much as Boulder does.

Logistically, with being out of school and in doing this for free, what have been some of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome to get this going?

Initially, equipment. We filmed the alumni game with rented cameras and no microphones. From there we had to find a way to get the computer software. With the help of Coach Galvin we set up a meeting with Club Sports Director Kris Shoech. We sat down with Mr. Shoech to show him the possibilities and opportunities this web series could create for CU. He agreed with what we showed him and then helped to get us some much-needed equipment. Now that we have all of the tools, it comes down to us. We have only a basic understanding of video production; we’ve been forced to learn a lot very quickly.

What are some of the things you hope to show through Club Ball? Is there an overall goal?

Overall, we want to show that despite what people may think or say, the MCLA is a great option. Steve actually transferred to CU from Salisbury. You’d think one would never leave a program like that, one where you’re almost guaranteed a national championship. But, sometimes things don’t work out, and there are hundreds of stories just like that on MCLA rosters around the country. We’ve also been reading forums about MCLA-NCAA debates for a while and have always found it somewhat odd when people try and compare the two. The MCLA is a completely different animal and we want to show that.

In terms of a goal related specifically to CU, this will be a powerful recruiting tool for Coach Galvin and his staff. Again, Colorado’s geographic location does not make recruiting easy. These videos will reach thousands of people and we hope to show that there is more to life than College Lacrosse, that sometimes it’s the outside stuff that makes playing so great.

Any big highlights we can look forward to this spring?

Absolutely. Some of the kids on the team this year have really surprised us with what they do off the field and we’re really excited to tell their stories. From flying fighter jets to developing new surgical tools these kids are pretty amazing. In terms of on-the-field content, the Utah game in Folsom Stadium should be a hit, as well the game against CSU down at Mile High. Other highlights will be as simple as getting to see how Coach Galvin runs his program. He tends to forget that he has a microphone on allowing us to capture some pretty great content.
In terms of Red Hot Buffs, this will most likely be the last year we’re involved, so we’re going out with a bang! Our merchandise line has expanded and we’re going to be releasing that in the next couple weeks. We also have a few meetings with local Boulder/Colorado businesses to hopefully set up some sort of promotional opportunity with the team.

Keep an eye out for CLUB BALL: “episode one” dropping soon on and across the web!

Great stuff guys, can’t wait for the first episode to drop! Stay current with all things Red Hot Buffs/U of Colorado Lax, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and obviously, at


  1. Red Hot Buffs, I think this is one of the best ideas for lacrosse video I’ve heard in a while. If you want any footage from any schools out Californeeway, just say the word.  Consider this lax rat at your disposal.