Questions Surround Mankato

Minnesota - Mankato

Editor’s Note: Manny Chavez is back! Manny will be talking about lacrosse in Minnesota, and the topics he will cover are myriad! Check out his first post about the Land of 10,000 Laxers.

Since the University of Minnesota Mankato is coming off of a 6-9 season and rumors about the Mavericks moving into the Division 2 ranks have been shot down, how will the Mavericks compete in the GLLL and MCLA this coming season? Will the Mavericks be able to transition from the MCLA to the GLLL? Will they be able to compete with teams like UW-Platteville and their dominate long stick midfielder or with the depth of UW-Lacrosse along with the the bite of the Bulldogs and the Speed of the Gophers?

Minnesota State - Mankato

This season, Mankato brings back a high powered attack with a total of 110 goals from last season and Fogo that had the highest win percentage on the team as well as having the four the most ground ball pick-ups on the team. With one Maverick player studying abroad in Australia and playing for North Adelaide Men’s Lacrosse Team, how will Ryan Nelson’s experience down under help the Mavericks when he returns?

The big question this year will be how the numbers for Kato will stack up since they will be split between MCLA and GLLL? Will splitting the team into two teams hurt or help the Mavericks on the MCLA front? Will it help them develop the younger players and get them ready to compete at the MCLA level? With all of these questions surrounding the Mankato Lacrosse team, one can only speculate as to how the Mavericks will stack up against the Duluth Bulldogs or the U of M Gophers. The true test will come in the Spring.


  1. I wouldn’t be concerned about them performing in the GLLL. As a former player in that league, there are great players but I do not believe many would be able to play on an MCLA team.

    Granted they were 6-9 but that’s still 6 wins and more importantly experience against better quality teams. As someone that has scrimmaged some MCLA when I was in the GLLL, the league talent is on different levels.
    If you have further questions about the GLLL, please list them here and I can help answer.

  2. Isn’t it true that Ryan Nelson no longer has eligibility for the Maveriks? I am nearly 100% sure that he has played his 4 years for the MCLA Maveriks. I believe the biggest thing, which you missed to touch on, was the addition of a new coaching staff. The Maveriks had been coached by former players previously and are now being coached by someone new. It will up to him to turn the program around. The other issue they are now competing with is the GLLL team. How many of the former players will now play for the GLLL. 
    In response to your thoughts on them playing in the GLLL, as well as laxzebra, I don’t think anyone knows how well they will do in the GLLL. I have personally played with some of those guys and regardless of what laxzebra says, some of those guys are very good. The team will depend solely on who goes out for the GLLL team and who goes out for MCLA team. 
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