PR – Ragin’ Cajun’s Stir Up the LSA D2 with First Ever Playoff Birth

Louisian Ragin' Cajuns

Ragin’ Cajun’s Stir Up the LSA D2 with First Ever Playoff Birth

Louisian Ragin' Cajuns

Lafayette, LA – For the first time in the University of Louisiana Lacrosse team’s history, the Ragin Cajuns are going to the MCLA LSA Division II playoffs. In 2011 the Cajuns were a first year start up club and effectively finished in last place. In 2012, led by a group of talented freshmen and dedicated upper classmen, the Cajuns have sealed a second place seeding for the playoffs in College Station, Texas April 28-29, 2012.

The successful 2012 season was due in part to the effective recruiting of talented lacrosse players from Louisiana and Indiana which includes the explosive scoring trio of freshmen Ashton Langlinais, Hunter Stinson and Nick Russel. The persistent defense of Byrnes Tatford, Andre Theriot, Eric  Giesemann, and rookie goalie Brodie LeJeune, attributed to the Cajuns being one of only two teams in the LSA to have a positive goals for and goals against ratio.

The Cajuns who were plagued by injuries and inexperience earlier in the year will enter the playoffs at full strength and seasoned. The Cajuns will also have the experience of a new head coach, Pat Price, who joined the Cajuns mid season 2012. “We are going into the playoffs, with an explosive offense, a hardened defense and a dominant face off guy, this combination will keep every game we play competitive”, says Coach Pat Price. This philosophy was evident earlier in the season with a close 17-16 loss to Texas A&M, a LSA Div I team. Texas A&M also defeated LSA Div II top seed Sam Houston 15-10 earlier this season.

The Cajuns enter the playoffs with a 6-2 LSA record, 123 Goals, and 72% face off wins.


  1. Is the comparison to ULL losing to A&M by 1 versus SHSU losing to A&M by 5 meant to indicate that ULL will beat or stay competitive with Sam Houston this weekend? It looks a lot of non-starters were playing in the ULL game…