PR – It’s Time for the Bulldogs’ Season Openers

UMD Bulldogs

It’s Time for the Bulldogs’ Season Openers
by UMD Media Relations

UMD Bulldogs

Duluth, MN (February 15, 2012) – With weeks of practice under their belts, the UMD Bulldogs are more ready to take on a competitive edge that only comes with facing off in a game.

“Our guys have been working every practice, but we have hit that point where it’s time to see how it comes together in a game situation,” said head coach Frank Clark.

The Bulldogs hit the road and will travel to Minneapolis-St. Paul area and will play against Marquette University at Vadnais Sports Center in a UMLC conference Division I match up on February 18th. The game starts at 4:30 pm.

“We always look forward to the first match of the season, and Marquette will be a good test for us,” said Clark.

After late night practices, inter-team scrimmages and conditioning training, the Bulldogs feel ready to take on whatever Marquette, and every other Division I team, has to throw at them.

“Whatever the outcome of either match-up this weekend the team knows we always have to be working. There are always things to improve upon, and with each game, we’ll see new things to work harder on,” said Clark. “I’m excited to jump out of the gates, and see what we can accomplish out on the field.”

In the 2011 season, the Bulldogs won against Marquette 13-6. Marquette finished the 2011 season with a divisional record of 2-3, and an overall record of 5-8.

The Bulldogs have beaten the Marquette Golden Eagles 6-0 out of the last six match-ups in previous seasons.

Immediately after facing Marquette, the Bulldogs will play Iowa State University on February 9th, also at Vadnais Sports Center. The game, also a UMLC Division I match-up, starts at 3:30 pm. The last time the Bulldogs faced off with Iowa State, they walked away with a win 16-2.

“It’ll take extra focus for our guys this weekend with two games back to back, but I have no doubt each and every member of our team will walk onto the field ready to get the job done,” said Clark.

For their 2011 season, Iowa State finished with a divisional season of 1-4 and an overall season of 2-9.

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