PR – Colorado Men’s Lacrosse Travels to Colorado Mesa University


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 21, 2012

CU Men’s Lacrosse Travel To Colorado Mesa University For The First Preseason Game

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – The No. 9 University of Colorado men’s lacrosse team traveled to Grand Junction, Colo. over the weekend for the first preseason game against the Colorado Mesa University Mavericks. Despite a 5-4 loss to CMU, the CU team is optimistic about the upcoming season. The men played hard and kept the score tight throughout the game.

“As a team we cleared really well today. With six on six we had really good defense but we need to work on getting more shots. I thought the game went pretty well overall,” captain and defenseman, Marcus Alley said. “For the next game I hope we can play better between the lines, have better face-offs and get the ball off the ground and move it up the field.”

The CU team took an early lead in the first quarter with a goal from Jace Gan. With 7:33 left in the first quarter, Thomas Appel followed up with another goal, however, the officials disallowed the score by determining Appel used an illegal stick and rescinded it with a three minute penalty. The Mavericks came back with a goal man up because of Appel’s penalty. CU caught up with a goal by Matt White with Alex Puldy picking up the assist. The CU team made seven shots all together, with three goals and won all four face-offs.

In second period the CU team fell behind with Mesa scoring once. Goalie Brad Macnee had an impressive save, and CU ended the period with four shots and six ground balls.

Goalie Macnee said that despite the loss, “it was a good first game.”

“It sucks to lose but the scoreboard wasn’t what we were going for today,” Macnee added. “The defense looked good, and the offense looked good but we definitely have some things to work on and we’ll get it done. In the next game we need to get our defense tight and together and the offense has to get the ball in more which will come. We need to just keep working hard in practice.”

The third quarter proved more successful for CU, with five shots and five ground balls. Puldy scored with an assist from Gan. CU won two face-offs during this period, and MacNee made three saves. CMU had a goal and won only one face-off.

In the final period, Colorado fired five shots on goal with freshman Nick Conrad scoring CU’s final goal. Sean McCarthy and Zach Pendleton won two of the four face-offs. MacNee made two saves throughout the quarter but the Mavericks scored twice bringing the final score to 5 – 4.

Puldy, the teams junior captain, said he thought CU’s defense was especially strong.

“In my opinion, the defense played great and offense really could of done some things better. Our stick skills really weren’t there. For being our first outing we really played okay,” Puldy said. “Goals for the next game – obviously less turnovers, so just hold onto the ball. We’re playing pretty well as a unit. We just need to hold everybody individually accountable and hope for the best.”

Gan, a freshman, made an impressive first goal for the team and had two successful assists to Puldy and Conrad.

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