PR – Colorado Loses to Clemson in OT

University of Colorado Buffaloes


CU Loses To Clemson University In Overtime

University of Colorado Buffaloes

BOULDER, Colo. – The University of Colorado Men’s Lacrosse team competed against the Clemson Tigers on Friday night, losing 6-5 in overtime.

The Buffs competed against the University of New Hampshire last Wednesday, winning 14-9. Colorado had strong momentum throughout the game, but couldn’t quite manage a win.

CU began the game strong with 11 shots on goal, two of which were successful. Clemson was the first to score with 12:12 remaining in the first quarter. Riley Kulm, bolstered by his three goals on Wednesday night, tied up the game with an assist by Ryan Emerson. Mitch Erickson picked up the last goal of the quarter with 3:55 left, tying the game 2-2.

Going into the second quarter, Colorado fought hard, succeeding with a goal by Jace Gan, assisted by Riley Seidel. With 5:43 remaining in the second period, Seidel scored an additional goal for the Buffs, improving Colorado’s lead over the Tigers. The Buffs were man down at the end of the second, but CU’s defense worked hard and kept Clemson at bay, ending the half with a 4-2 advantage.

The Buffs started off the third quarter with possession of the ball. Clemson stole the ball and made a goal with 9:35 left on the clock. The period continued at a slow pace, until Clemson scored an additional goal with 3:10 remaining, tying up the game to 4-4. Colorado made six shots this period, but couldn’t get past the Tigers goaltender. Hayden Mcclain was penalized for one-minute putting CU man down at the end of the third stanza.

“All season long we’ve had a theme of starting out slow, and it usually hurts us in the first quarter. We came out slow in the third quarter this time,” said Kulm, who made one goal in the game. “It’s the same theme that coach is always referring back to and it just didn’t work out for us this time.”

Seidel shot and scored a goal for CU with 10:49 left on the clock midway into the fourth. Clemson answered back with a goal at 8:35 remaining, putting the score at a stagnant 5-5. Seidel quickly gained possession of the ball by knocking the stick out of Clemson’s hand. With 1:08 left on the clock Clemson received a penalty leaving Colorado hopeful of scoring the winning goal. As the penalty ended, White made another unfinished shot and Clemson stole the ball. At 12 seconds left in the game Christian Wilson picked up the groundball off of a dropped pass from Clemson and passed it to Kulm, who made an unfinished shot. The score remained at   5-5 putting the game into overtime.

“I think we ran the offense well, we had good ball movement and lots of good shots we just couldn’t finish on them,” said Erickson.

Clemson received the ball at the start of overtime, but Colorado quickly took possession of it. Mcclain made a shot, but unfortunately didn’t get it past the goalie. Clemson made the final goal of the game at 3:22 in overtime, ending the contest with a 6-5 for the Tigers.

“We had the break, we had the numbers, Dougherty had already picked the ball up, I was open, he hit me well, I over stepped the guy put it on the net and just couldn’t get it past the goalie, said Mcclain, who tried to make the final goal in overtime. “We played pretty well defensively, they didn’t get in tight on us like they have in the past, and we kept them to the outside we just need to work on some fast breaks.”

Scoring Summary

First Period
12:12 Clemson – Jonathan Kilbourn, assisted by Will Patch
5:50 CU – Riley Kulm, assisted by Ryan Emerson
3:55 CU – Mitch Erickson, unassisted
1:32 Clemson – William Fochtmann, assisted by Ryan Conlon

Second Period
12:12 CU – Jace Gan, assisted by Riley Seidel
5:43 CU – Riley Seidel, assisted by Jace Gan

Third Period
9:35 Clemson – Will Patch, assisted by Ryan Conlon
3:10 Clemson – Chris Buechele, unassisted

Fourth Period
10:49 CU – Riley Seidel, assisted by Riley Kulm
8:35 Clemson – Jonathan Kilbourn, assisted by Chris Buechele

3:22 Clemson – Chris Buechele, assisted by Ryan Conlon