PR – Colorado Improves Their Record With Victory Over Washington

University of Colorado Buffaloes


Colorado Improves Their Record With Victory Over Washington

University of Colorado Buffaloes

BOULDER, Colo.– The University of Colorado Men’s Lacrosse team won 18-8 against the University of Washington on Monday night.

Despite a rough beginning to their season with two losses against Chapman University and Loyola Marymount, the Buffs are starting to gain confidence improving on their record on the season to 3-3.

Riley Seidel was the first to score for Colorado midway into the first period, beginning his six goal streak. Seidel quickly took control of the field, scoring an additional goal against UW minutes later. Following closely behind, Tyler Dougherty broke away from Washington’s defense, scoring Colorado’s third goal of the evening. UW was not ready to surrender just yet, as they maneuvered the ball past CU, scoring their first goal. Seidel fought for CU, with no intention of letting Washington catch up and managed his third goal of the contest with 5:10 left in the first. Thomas Appel trailed behind Seidel, stealing another goal for the Buffs. With only 1:42 left in the stanza, Seidel improved on Colorado’s lead over Washington, scoring another goal and ending the period   6-0 CU.

Colorado took advantage of the field, scoring three goals midway into the second, by Jace Gan, Nick Conrad and Seidel. This goal acted at Seidel’s fifth goal of the contest. Colorado received a one-minute penalty, opening the field for a power play opportunity. Washington took advantage of the Buffs being one man down and scored two goals. Freshman Doug Graves stepped up for Colorado, fighting for a goal and succeeded, advancing CU’s lead to 10-3. The Buffs however received two additional penalties, giving Washington two more power play opportunities. Washington was able to act on one of them with 3:34 left in the stanza. Dougherty was not happy with CU’s lack of restraint and took his frustration out on Washington’s net, scoring an additional goal for Colorado. With only :01 left before the half, Seidel was able to cram in one last goal, ending the period 12-4.

UW began the second half determined to catch up to the Buffs. They scored two goals in the first two minutes of the third quarter. Alex Puldy scored a goal for Colorado, widening the scoring gap to 13-6. Matt White and Appel scored back-to-back goals in the last six minutes of the third, pushing Washington to step up their game. Washington retaliated with a goal in the last 1:13 of the third. The Buffs could not let Washington score the last goal of the period and so Zach Pendleton took charge and hit the back of UW’s the net, scoring another goal for CU only seconds later.

Colorado entered the fourth quarter man down with a slashing penalty. Dougherty did not let this stand in his way, but worked harder to keep possession of the ball and scored for the Buffs. Gan followed up with another successful goal for Colorado. With 6:36 left in the contest, Washington was able to pick up the last goal of the evening, ending the game 18-8 Colorado.

CU has shown confidence as the games have progressed this season, noted Seidel.

“I think tonight was just an accumulation of the year in general. I’ve been out of the game for two years, now it’s all starting to come back to me a little bit. I’ve been starting to play how I want to play again,” said Seidel who scored an impressive six goals. “I think our offense is really starting to find their groove. If this confidence carries over to the upcoming games this weekend against, Arizona State University, University of Arizona and the University Minnesota-Duluth it will put us at an advantage.”

Dougherty echoed this sentiment and spoke about the team effort that went into this victory.

“We played well today. We had a good offense going and were able to run around, find some holes in their defense letting us score. Our defense looked good out there and had fun,” said Dougherty, who scored four goals. “I think this game gave us a boost of confidence and showed us how we can run our offense well. It felt good to assist White and Seidel’s goals as well as score four of my own. It’s always great to help somebody out and help the team score goals.”

Scoring Summary

First Period
12:37 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted
10:56 CU – Riley Seidel, assisted by Tyler Dougherty
9:41 CU – Tyler Dougherty, unassisted
7:29 UW – Chris Brown, unassisted
5:10 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted
2:39 CU – Thomas Appel, unassisted
1:42 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted

Second Period
14:14 CU – Jace Gan, unassisted
12:14 CU – Nick Conrad, assisted by Riley Seidel
10:06 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted
9:21 UW – Danny Salonen, unassisted
9:05 UW – Josh Redhair, unassisted
8:04 CU – Doug Graves, assisted by Tyler Dougherty
3:34 UW
3:17 CU – Tyler Dougherty, assisted by Ryan Emerson
0:01 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted

Third Period
13:14 UW – Brody Lundquist, unassisted
13:00 UW – Brody Lundquist, unassisted
10:49 CU – Alex Puldy, unassisted
5:44 CU – Thomas Appel, unassisted
3:33 CU – Matt White, assisted by Tyler Dougherty
1:13 UW – Josh Redhair, unassisted
1:03 CU – Zach Pendleton, assisted by Ryan Emerson

Fourth Period
12:11 CU – Tyler Dougherty, assisted by Jace Gan
10:30 CU – Jace Gan, assisted by Riley Seidel
6:36 UW – Eliot Adams, assisted by Riley Goodman