PR – Colorado Drops the Ball to Arizona


University of Colorado at Boulder – Men’s Lacrosse


Colorado Drops The Ball to Arizona


TUCSON, Ariz. – The University of Colorado Men’s Lacrosse team fell short of a victory by one point to the University of Arizona on Friday night, losing 10-9.

The Buffs took a road trip out to Phoenix, Ariz. on Thursday to compete against the University of Arizona, University of Minnesota-Duluth and Arizona State University.

The game started in favor of U of A as they received possession from the faceoff. Ryan Emerson picked up the groundball off of an unfinished shot from Arizona, but the Wildcats took back possession and scored two goals. U of A received the first penalty putting CU man up. With the advantage, Matt White hit the back of the net, but was followed by a penalty on Colorado. Thomas Appel didn’t let Colorado’s disadvantage of the field hold him back, but instead scored an additional goal on the Wildcats. The Buffs were able to keep the momentum going with Alex Puldy scoring the last goal of the quarter, putting CU in the lead 3-2.

Arizona made the first goal in the second period tying up the score 3-3. Keeping his head in the game, Greg Kelsic scored a goal for CU. Colorado received two penalties on Ben Litwak and Riley Seidel putting CU at a disadvantage. U of A scored on the power play opportunity with 5:11 left in the period. Colorado quickly retaliated with a goal by Appel, putting Colorado back in the lead. Right after CU’s goal, U of A hit the back of the net and tied the score, 5-5. Seidel kept the competition tight by scoring a goal and putting CU back in the lead, 6-5. White tried to make another goal for Colorado but it was unfinished. Seidel picked up the groundball off the shot and made a goal with only ten seconds left on the clock. U of A gained momentum, cleared the ball and made a goal right at the last second of the period. The quarter ended with Colorado in the lead 7-6.

“The lack of shots and the increased penalties allowed them to score more goals in the second half. In the first quarter our shots were good, we didn’t have a lot but the attempts we did take were good,” said Appel, who scored two goals. “The first goal I had I got a good pass from Puldy which was great for the goal. The second goal was just a dodge from me. I didn’t shoot high like I normally do and it went in. My shooting percentage this game was 30% which was much better than in the game against University of New Hampshire.”

A penalty was given to Hayden Mcclain at the last second of quarter two putting CU man down at the start of the third. With the advantage, Arizona scored a goal 11:37 into the third to tie up the score again. Seidel picked up the ground ball, passed it to White who scored another goal for CU and put Colorado in the lead, 8-7. U of A kept the competition tight and tied the score again. Arizona scored the tiebreaker with 0:32 left on the clock, ending the period 9-8 Arizona.

CU received another penalty putting them man down at the start of the fourth. Seidel, determined to win took a shot, but it was unfinished. Arizona kept getting possession of the ball, but Colorado’s goalkeeper Brad Macnee wouldn’t let a ball get through. With 9:05 left in the game, Tyler Dougherty scored a goal to tie the score, 9-9. As U of A received the ball back they scored. CU held on tight and took four unfinished shots trying to put the game into overtime. Arizona won the game, 10-9.

“I thought that our defense played pretty well in the first half, but we had some errors in the second. We got some penalties and had some turnovers that led them to getting more goals. I thought we cleared the ball well today as a whole, but we had some trouble when it came down to the wire. In the end I think it was just penalties that killed us,” said freshman Rowan Sloss. “The offense played great today so I’m looking forward to seeing them coming out firing again this weekend. I’d like to see us come out, score first and get a lead in the game.”

Colorado’s next matchup will be on Monday, March 24 against Arizona State University at 7 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.

Scoring Summary

Period One
12:05 UA – Zach Johnson, assisted by William Stanaback
11:33 UA – William Stanaback, unassisted
9:34 CU – Matt White, unassisted – PP
6:11 CU – Thomas Appel, assisted by Alex Puldy

Period Two
13:56 UA – William Stanaback, assisted by Mike Hook – PP
11:24 CU – Greg Kelsic, assisted by Riley Seidel
5:11 UA – Levi Pellegrin, unassisted
4:04 CU – Thomas Appel, unassisted
3:57 UA – Mike Hook, assisted by Jon Bush
3:29 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted
0:10 CU – Riley Seidel, assisted by Ryan Haines
0:01 UA – Jacob Scheidel, unassisted

Period Three
11:37 UA – Mike Hook, assisted by Jordan Goldstein
9:47 CU – Matt White, unassisted
8:17 UA – Zach Johnson, unassisted
0:32 UA – Jordan Goldstein, unassisted

Period Four
9:05 CU – Tyler Dougherty, assisted by Alex Puldy
5:58 UA –

Shots On Goal
CU – 25
UA – 25