PR – Colorado Bites Back With Victory Over The Bulldogs


University of Colorado at Boulder – Men’s Lacrosse


Colorado Bites Back With Victory Over The Bulldogs


PHOENIX Ariz., – The University of Colorado Men’s Lacrosse team pulled out a win against the University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs with a final score of 14-7. The Buffs were neck and neck with the Bulldogs for the duration of the first half and pulled ahead in the fourth quarter with five goals.

The first quarter started off with a man up for CU and Matt White capitalized by scoring the first goal of the game at 11:02, assisted by Greg Kelsic. UMD tied it up shortly after, followed by a rebuttal from Colorado, resulting in a goal by Kelsic. Riley Seidel widened the scoring gap with a goal for CU bringing the score to 3-1. UMD attempted to score, but Colorado goalkeeper Brad Macnee wouldn’t let the ball past the posts. UMD was able to pick up two more goals, scoring the last goal with 0:07 seconds remaining in the first, tying up the game 3-3.

“We moved the ball quick, I spun around and I got behind one of the kids on the other team who was looking me up so I just caught the ball and shot, I actually almost fell on the shot, but it went in anyways which was good,” said White, who made a goal off the power play. “The shot was a stick side high which was pretty good.”

Colorado began the second period with a goal by Ryan Haines, granting CU the lead. UMD answered back with a goal, tying the contest once again with 7:06 remaining. The Buffs acquired a penalty served by Seidel for a check to the head that was locked in for the quarter, but CU gained possession. White scored his second goal of the game with 2:57 remaining in the period, tying the game 5-5.

The Buffs lost possession in the beginning of the third quarter, but they forced a turnover resulting in an impressive goal made by Alex Puldy as he was tripped. Kelsic scored a minute later bringing the Buffs to a 7-5 lead. UMD was the next to score with a goal made with 5:54 remaining in the third. Kelsic got the ground ball after a long fight for possession, resulting in a goal by freshman Riley Kulm, assisted by Seidel at 1:30 bringing CU to an 8-6 lead. With :36 seconds remaining UMD scored bringing the end of the third to 8-7, Colorado in the lead.

UMD received possession of the ball in the start of the last period, but that didn’t stop CU from finishing the game strong. Kelsic scored his third goal of the game with 8:26 left on the clock, followed by Seidel with an additional goal midway into the stanza. Colorado maintained possession of the ball throughout the majority of the fourth quarter. Mitch Ericson, Tyler Dougherty and Kulm were able to score three more goals for CU, putting the Buffs at a 13-7 lead over the Bulldogs. Doug Graves picked up the last goal of the game with 0:02 seconds left on the clock, granting Colorado a 14-7 victory over Minnesota.

“We’ve had a theme of not scoring goals in the second half and I think everyone was kind of in agreement that we needed to finally start putting goals in. It started off with us scoring a few goals then they scored some and then we really pulled away in the fourth quarter,” said Kulm, who scored two goals in the second half. “Something just triggered for us and we knew we needed to win the game so, we just started raining goals on them.”

Scoring Summary

Period One
11:02 CU – Matt White, assisted by Greg Kelsic – PP
8:54 UMD – Justin Vossen, unassisted
7:25 CU – Greg Kelsic, unassisted
5:44 CU – Riley Seidel, assisted by Ryan Emerson
3:23 UMD – Stan Drutowski, unassisted
0:07 UMD – Kevin Gaydos, assisted by Ben Biaeser

Period Two
10:09 CU – Ryan Haines, unassisted
7:06 UMD – Shayne Thomas, unassisted
6:34 UMD – Neal Pester, assisted by Ben Blaeser
2:57 CU – Matt White, unassisted

Period Three
8:43 CU – Alex Puldy, unassisted
7:43 CU – Greg Kelsic, unassisted
5:54 UMD – Alex McNamara, assisted Justin Vossen
1:30 CU – Riley Kulm, assisted by Riley Seidel
0:36 UMD – Alex McNamara, unassisted

Period Four
8:26 CU – Greg Kelsic, unassisted
7:16 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted
4:08 CU – Mitch Ericson, unassisted
3:15 CU – Riley Kulm, assisted by Alex Puldy
2:47 CU – Tyler Dougherty, unassisted

Shots On Goal
CU – 28 Shots
UMD – 28 Shots