PR – Colorado Beats Arizona State In A Nail Biter


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 27, 2012 – University of Colorado at Boulder

CU Beats Arizona State In A Nail Biting Fourth Quarter


PHOENIX, Ariz., – The University of Colorado Men’s Lacrosse team turned the year around on Monday night winning 5-4 against the Arizona State University Sun Devil’s.

At the start of the game Colorado gained possession of the ball off of the first faceoff. Thomas Appel tried to be the first one to score for CU, but the shot went unfinished. ASU quickly picked up the ball and attempted to score. The quarter moved slowly until ASU scored the first goal of the game, with 4:48 remaining. Riley Seidel was determined not to let Arizona take the lead. Seidel pushed past Arizona’s defense and hit the back of the net with 3:18 remaining. By the end of the first quarter the game was tied at 1-1.

At the start of the second period ASU had possession of the ball, keeping CU on their toes. With an unfinished shot off the goal, CU quickly snagged the ball back. It was passed to Seidel who scored another goal for Colorado, putting them in the lead 2-1. Soon after, Seidel made another attempted goal, but the referees discounted it. At the end of the second quarter CU was man up for one minute putting them at an advantage in the start of the third. The score stayed at 2-1, Colorado still in the lead.

The third quarter began with Colorado man up for ten seconds. Seidel completed another goal with 10:56 left on the clock, assisted by Ryan Haines. At the end of the third, Alex Puldy scored a goal for CU, widening the scoring gap 4-1. Matt White made an impressive run on the cage, but his shot was unfinished. The quarter ended 4-1 with CU confident they would pull through with another win.

CU took possession early in the fourth quarter allowing Colorado more time to increase their goals. Appel was quick to score and brought CU to a 5-1 lead. Colorado kept a tight defense on ASU, until Arizona made their second goal of the game with 5:38 remaining. Encouraged by this goal they were eager to show they were not ready to give up, answering back with two more goals. CU was determined to keep control of the game and possessed the ball for the last two minutes, trying to complete one last goal. Colorado was unable to score, but ensured their victory by not giving up. As ASU was the last to get the ball CU’s defense held on tight not letting Arizona get past them.  The final buzzer sounded, ending the game with a successful 5-4 win for the Buffs.

“Going into the game we heard about how good their goalie and defense are, I don’t think the attack on our team let that bring them down. We know they are a great team, but to me no one can hang with us when we are on our game,” said Seidel who made three goals and an assist. “After that first dodge, I was feeling confident and a little quicker. I just went from there and scored a few goals. Even though we had a lead on the score we continued to attack and really that’s what made the lead keep getting bigger. Appel’s goal was huge bringing the game to 5-1. We were in attack mode going goal after goal.”

Colorado goalkeeper Brad Macnee made 18 saves contributing to Colorado’s victory over the Sun Devil’s.

“It wasn’t all me, it was the defense too. You know we’re a unit out there and the defense was there for us all night,” said Macnee. “We made a few adjustments in the beginning and ASU ran the same play on us throughout the game which helped us win. They had those three goals on us late in the game but everyone kept calm. We knew we were going to win, we executed and finished the game out right.”

Scoring Summary

Period One
4:48 ASU – Payson Clark, assisted by Zach Scarano
3:18 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted

Period Two
9:55 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted

Period Three
10:56 CU – Riley Seidel, assisted by Ryan Haines
3:55 CU – Alex Puldy, assisted by Riley Seidel

Period Four
13:03 CU – Thomas Appel, unassisted
5:38 ASU – Justin Straker, unassisted
3:41 ASU – Zach Scarano, assisted by Payson Clark
3:34 ASU – Zack Handy, unassisted

Shots On Goal
ASU – 22
CU – 19